History of the Reformation in Germany

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Page 484 - Fear not: for I am with thee: I will bring thy seed from the east, and gather thee from the west; I will say to the north, Give up; and to the south, Keep not back: bring my sons from far, and my daughters from the ends of the earth...
Page 253 - Take and drink ye all of it, for this is the cup of my blood of the new and everlasting testament, the mystery of faith, which shall be shed for you and for many for the remission of sins.
Page 429 - ... with our subjects, on the matters which the edict published by his imperial majesty at the diet holden at Worms may concern, each one so to live, govern, and carry himself as he hopes and trusts to answer it to God and his imperial majesty.
Page 741 - L'auteur de la nature avait lié tous les mortels par une chaîne immense d'amour et de félicité : périssent les tyrans qui ont osé la briser ! » Français républicains , c'est à vous de purifier la terre , qu'ils ont souillée, et d'y rappeler la justice, qu'ils en ont bannie...
Page 466 - Gott,"3 reminded the tradesman and the peasant, immersed in the dull routine of the working day, of his relation to the Eternal ! The Catechism, which he published in the year 1529, — of which he said, that he repeated it himself with devotion, old doctor as he was, — is as childlike as it is profound, as intelligible as simple and sublime. Happy the man whose soul has been nourished with it, and who holds fast to it ! It contains enduring comfort in every affliction, and under a slight husk,...
Page 271 - that, some years ago, many abominations took place in this chair : every thing was turned to evil, and the corruption spread from the head to the members, from the pope to the prelates." Whilst he now declared himself willing to reform the existing abuses, he at the same time exhorted the States of Germany to offer a determined resistance to the diffusion of Luther's opinions ;l and brought forward eight arguments in favour of that course, which he thought of irresistible cogency.
Page 26 - The imperial dignity, stripped of all direct executive power, had indeed no other significance than that which results from opinion. It gave to law and order their living sanction; to justice its highest authority; to the sovereignties of Germany their position in the world. It had properties which, for that period, were indispensable and sacred. It had a manifest analogy with the papacy, and was bound to it by the most intimate connection. THE...
Page 1 - As indeed there is nothing of real importance in the moral and intellectual business of human life, the source of which does not lie in a profound and more or less conscious relation of man and his concerns to God and divine things, it is impossible to conceive a nation worthy of the name, or entitled to be called, in any sense, great, whose political existence is not constantly elevated and guided by religious ideas.
Page 444 - Soldiers dressed as cardinals, with one in the midst bearing the triple crown on his head, and personating the Pope, rode in solemn procession through the city, surrounded by guards and heralds : they halted before the castle of St. Angelo, where the mock pope, flourishing a large drinking-glass, gave the cardinals his benediction.
Page 152 - Columbus extols the worth of money: "he who possesses it," says he seriously, "has the power of transporting souls into Paradise." Never indeed were the union of secular objects with spiritual omnipotence more strikingly displayed than in the epoch we are now considering. There is a fantastic sublimity and grandeur in this conception of the church, as a community comprehending heaven and earth, the living and the dead; in which all the penalties incurred by individuals were removed by the merit and...

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