Scottish Ballads and Songs, Historical and Traditionary, Volume 2

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Page 178 - Out o' the lady's grave grew a bonny red rose, And out o' the knight's a brier. And they twa met, and they twa plat, And fain they wad be near ; And a' the warld might ken right weel, They were twa lovers dear.
Page 200 - The starling flew to his mother's window stane, It whistled and it sang ; And aye the ower word o' the tune Was — " Johnie tarries lang !" They made a rod o' the hazel bush, Another o' the slae-thorn tree, And mony mony were the men At fetching our Johnie.
Page 175 - RISE up, rise up, now, Lord Douglas," she says, " And put on your armour so bright ; Let it never be said that a daughter of thine Was married to a lord under night. " Rise up, rise up, my seven bold sons, And put on your armour so bright, And take better care of your youngest sister, For your eldest's awa
Page 152 - But where sae lang frae hame were ye ? " — " It's I hae been at Carlisle town, And a baffled man by thee I be. " I hae been at Carlisle town, Where Sir Robert Bewick he met me ; He says ye're a lad, and ye are but bad, And billie to his son ye canna be. " I sent ye to the schools, and ye wadna learn ; I bought ye books, and ye wadna read ; Therefore my blessing ye shall never earn, i Till I see with Bewick thou save thy head.
Page 126 - Gae seek your succour at Branksome Ha', For succour ye'se get nane frae me ! Gae seek your succour where ye paid black-mail, For, man, ye ne'er paid money to me.
Page 260 - And hey, Annie, and how, Annie ! Dear Annie, speak to me !" But aye the louder he cried Annie, The louder roar'd the sea. The wind blew loud, the sea grew rough, And dash'd the boat on shore ; Fair Annie floated through the faem, But the babie rose no more.
Page 155 - My father's gane to Carlisle town, Wi' your father Bewick there met he ; He says I'ma lad, and I am but bad, And a baffled man I trow I be. " He sent me to schools, and I wadna learn ; He gae me books, and I wadna read ; Sae my father's blessing I'll never earn, Till he see how my arm can guard my head." " O God forbid, my billie .dear, That ever such a thing suld be ! We'll take three men on either side, And see if we can our fathers agree.
Page 258 - But aye the best was mine ; For yours was o' the gude red gowd, But mine o
Page 131 - Then word is gane to the Captain's bride, Even in the bower where that she lay, That her lord was prisoner in enemy's land, Since into Tividale he had led the way.
Page 200 - Aft hae I brought to Breadislee The less gear and the mair, But I ne'er brought to Breadislee What grieved my heart sae sair. " But wae betyde that silly auld carle ! An ill death shall he die ! For the highest tree in Merriemas Shall be his morning's fee.

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