Twenty of the Plays of Shakespeare: Being the Whole Number Printed in Quarto During His Life-time, Or Before the Restoration, Volume 2

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J. and R. Tonson, 1766
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Page 2 - The Second Part. Containing the Tragedie of Richard Duke of Yorke, and the Good King Henrie the Sixt.
Page 3 - The Whole Contention betweene the two Famous Houses, Lancaster and Yorke. With the Tragicall ends of the good Duke Humfrey, Richard Duke of Yorke, and King Henrie the sixt. Diuided into two Parts : And newly corrected and enlarged. Written by William Shakespeare, Gent. Printed at London, for TP" A small quarto, containing 64 leaves, A to Q in fours.
Page 12 - Gower ftand away .He giue treafon his due prefently. 8 Enter the King, Warwicke, Clarence, and Exeter. Kin. How now, what is the matter ? Flew. And it fhall pleafe your Maieftie, Here is the notableft peece of treafon come to light, As you fhall defire to fee in a fommers day.
Page 15 - Anioy and Maine, both giuen vnto the French, Cold newes for me, for I had hope of France, Euen as I haue of fertill England. A day will come when Yorke shall claime his owne, And therefore I will take the Neuels parts, And make a show of loue to proud Duke Humphrey : And when I spie aduantage, claime the Crowne, For thats the golden marke I seeke to hit...
Page 24 - Where sits deformity to mocke my bodie, To drie mine arme vp like a withered shrimpe. To make my legges of an vnequall size, And am I then a man to be belou'd ? Easier for me to compasse twentie crownes. Tut I can smile, and murder when I smile, I crie content, to that that greeues me most. I can adde colours to the Camelion, And for a need change shapes with Protheus, And set the aspiring Catalin to schoole. Can I doe this, and cannot get the crowne ? Tush were it ten times higher, He put it downe.
Page 2 - The Chronicle History of Henry the fift, With his battell fought at Agin Court in France. Together with Auntient Pistoll. As it hath bene sundry times playd by the Right honorable the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants.

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