Chess Weekly, Volume 2

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Page 97 - Few men have ever possessed to the same extent the power which he enjoyed of winning the hearts of all those with whom he came in contact, and thus ensuring the warmest and most zealous devotion for himself and for the Government which he served.
Page 150 - Chessboard, on which we push oin- pieces, often at hazard, against a train of circumstances which give us "mate "at every step. Hence so many faults, so many clumsy combinations, so many wrong moves. He who, in early life, has trained his mind to the calculations of the...
Page 200 - POLISHED BOXWOOD AND EBONY, LOADED. Felt Covered Bottoms. In Polished Mahogany Colored Boxes, Slide Top. SIZE OF KING PIECE.
Page 53 - THE WORU Mr. C. Baillie in his Gipsy Moth. A TRIBUTE Mr. G. Baillie, who gained 3rd place in the " Morning Post" Air Race, attributed much of his success to the fact that he was the only competitor to carry a wireless receiver. His Gipsy Moth was fitted with a STANDARD Light Aircraft Receiver, which enabled him to hear the latest weather reports broadcast regularly from Heston. By his skilful use of these reports he was able to show a substantial gain on his handicap early in the race. Standard...
Page 102 - B-R4 Kt-B3 5 — Castles KtxP 6— P-Q4 PxP 7— RK P-Q4 8 — KtxP B-Q3 9— KtxKt BxRPch (o) It is remarkable that Mr.
Page 72 - A tie for first place in the annual championship tournament of the Manhattan Chess Club has resulted between M.

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