Notulen van de algemeene en directie-vergaderingen, Volumes 30-31

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Page v - Briefe, Abhandlungen und Predigten aus den zwei letzten Jahrhunderten des kirchlichen Alterthums und dem Anfang des Mittelalters, theils zum ersten, theils zum zweiten Male hrsg.
Page xl - Izinyanga Zokubula ; or, Divination, as existing among the Amazulu, in their own words, with a Translation into English, and Notes. By the Rev. Canon Callaway, MD .8vo, pp. 150, sewed. 1870.
Page xii - Nederland uitgegeven of herdrukt zijn ; benevens opgave van den naam des uitgevers of eigenaars, het jaar van uitgave, het getal deelen, de platen en kaarten, het formaat en den prijs.
Page xlii - Notices et extraits des manuscrits de la Bibliothèque nationale et autres bibliothèques, publiés par l'Institut national de France, faisant suite aux Notices et extraits lus au comité établi dans l'Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres.
Page 119 - ... and with the liquid extract of gold. By degrees, the milky water of the agitated deep produced clarified butter by virtue of those gums and Juices. But nectar did not appear even then. The gods came before the boon-granting Brahman seated on his seat and said, — 'Sire, we are spent, we have not strength left to churn further. Nectar has not yet arisen, so that now we have no resource save Näräyana!
Page 120 - Lakshmi, wine, and the steed fleet as the mind, all came before the gods on high. Then arose the divine Dhanwantari himself with the white vessel of nectar in his hand. And seeing him, the Asuras set up a.
Page 118 - Ocean, we have come to churn thy waters for obtaining nectar'. And the Ocean replied, 'be it so, as I am to have a share of the nectar. I am able to bear the agitation of my waters by the mountain.
Page v - Völker. — Festrede zur Vorfeier des Allerhöchsten Geburts- und Namensfestes Seiner Majestät des Königs Ludwig II. gehalten in der öffentlichen Sitzung der k. Akademie der Wissenschaften zu München am 25. Juli 1881 von Ernst Kühn ao Mitglied der philos.- philol.
Page 119 - ... the gods from the trees on the whirling Mandara, also refreshed them. ,,And, O Brahmana, out of the deep then came a tremendous roar, like unto the roar of the clouds at the universal dissolution. Various aquatic animals where crushed by the great mountain, and gave up their being in the salt-waters. And many dwellers of the lower regions and inhabitants of the world of Varuna were killed. From the revolving Mandara, large trees were torn up by the roots, and flying into the air like birds, they...
Page xli - Industrie des cafres du Sud-Est de l'Afrique. Collection recueillie sur les lieux et notice ethnographique par HPN Muller.

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