A Tour of America's National Parks

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E.P. Dutton & Company, 1920 - National parks and reserves - 209 pages
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Page 103 - GIRT round with rugged mountains The fair Lake Constance lies ; In her blue heart reflected Shine back the starry skies ; And, watching each white cloudlet Float silently and slow, You think a piece of Heaven Lies on our earth below ! Midnight is there : and Silence, Enthroned in Heaven, looks down Upon her own calm mirror, Upon a sleeping town : For Bregenz, that quaint city Upon the Tyrol shore, Has stood above Lake Constance A thousand years and more. Her battlements and towers...
Page 35 - With me along the strip of Herbage strown That just divides the desert from the sown, Where name of Slave and Sultan is forgot — And Peace to Mahmud on his golden Throne!
Page 55 - All heaven and earth are still — though not in sleep, But breathless, as we grow when feeling most ; And silent, as we stand in thoughts too deep...
Page 155 - Then, where of Indian hills the daylight takes His leave, how might you the flamingo see Disporting like a meteor on the lakes And playful squirrel on his nut-grown tree : And every sound of life was full of glee, From merry mockbird's song, or hum of men, While heark'ning, fearing nought their revelry, The wild deer arch'd his neck from glades, and then Unhunted, sought his woods and wilderness again.
Page 119 - God ! when thou Dost scare the world with tempests, set on fire The heavens with falling thunderbolts, or fill With all the waters of the firmament, The swift, dark whirlwind, that uproots...
Page 135 - THE mountains of this glorious land Are conscious beings to mine eye, When at the break of day they stand Like giants, looking through the sky, To hail the sun's unrisen car, That gilds their diadems of snow ; While one by one, as star by star, Their peaks in ether glow.
Page 155 - Delightful Wyoming ! beneath thy skies, The happy shepherd swains had nought to do, But feed their flocks on green declivities, Or skim perchance thy lake with light canoe, From morn, till evening's sweeter pastime grew, With timbrel, when beneath the forests brown, Thy lovely maidens would the dance renew ; And aye those sunny mountains half-way down Would echo flagelet from some romantic town.
Page 82 - ... gardens on their sunny brows, avalanches thundering down their long white slopes, cataracts roaring gray and foaming in the crooked rugged gorges, and glaciers in their shadowy recesses working in silence, slowly completing their sculptures; new-born lakes at their feet, blue and green, free or encumbered with drifting icebergs like miniature Arctic Oceans, shining, sparkling, calm as stars.
Page 81 - Valley lies in the heart of it, and it includes the head waters of the Tuolumne and Merced rivers, two of the most songful streams in the world ; innumerable lakes and waterfalls and smooth silky lawns ; the noblest forests, the loftiest granite domes, the deepest ice-sculptured canons, the brightest crystalline pavements, and snowy mountains soaring into the sky twelve and thirteen thousand feet...
Page 65 - Difficult to Comprehend, Even the most superficial description of this enormous spectacle may not be put in words. The watcher upon the rim overlooks a thousand square miles of pyramids and minarets carved from the painted depths. Many miles away and more than a mile below the level of his feet he sees a tiny silver thread which he knows is the giant Colorado. He is numbed by the spectacle. At first he cannot comprehend it. There is no measure, nothing which the eye can grasp, the mind fathom. It...

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