The Chicago Daily News Almanac and Yearbook ....

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Chicago Daily News Company, 1891
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111. lappuse - operation and effect of tbe laws of such state or territory enacted in the exercise of its police powers to the same extent and In the same manner as though such liquids or liquors had been produced in such state or territory, and shall not be exempt therefrom by reason of being introduced therein in original packages or otherwise.
46. lappuse - Cloaks, dolmans, jackets, talmas, ulsters, or other outside garments for ladies' and children's apparel and goods of similar description, or used for like purposes, composed wholly or in part of wool, worsted, the hair of the alpaca, goat, or other animals, made up or manufactured wholly or in part by the tailor, seamstress, or manufacturer
56. lappuse - shall be levied, collected, and paid on each and every non-enumerated article which bears a similitude, either in material, quality, texture, or the use to which it; may be applied, to any article enumerated In' this title as chargeable with duty, the same ! rate of duty which Is levied and charged on
56. lappuse - teas, and hides, raw and uncured, or any of such articles. Imposes duties or other exactions upon the agricultural or other products of the United States, which In view of the free introduction of such sugar, molasses, coffee, tea, and hides Into the United States he may deem to be reciprocally unequal and unreasonable, he shall
226. lappuse - Cedar Cerro Gordo Cherokee Chlckasaw Clarke Clay Clayton Clinton Crawford Dallas Davis Decatur Delaware Des Moines Dickinson Dubuque Emmet Fayette Floyd Franklin Fremont Greene Grundy Guthrle Hamilton Hancock Hardln Harrison Henry Howard Humboldt Ida Iowa Jackson Jasper Jefferson Johnson Jones Keokuk Kossuth Lee Linn Louisa Lucas Lyon Madison Mahaska
56. lappuse - 3. That with a view to secure reciprocal trade with countries producing the following articles, and for this purpose, on and after the first day of January, eighteen hundred and ninety-two, whenever and so often as the President shall be satisfied that the government of any country producing and exporting sugars, molasses,
26. lappuse - States of America in Congress assembled. That on and after the sixth day of October, eighteen hundred and ninety, unless otherwise specially provided for in this act, there shall be levied, collected, and paid upon all articles imported from foreign countries, and mentioned in the schedules herein contained, the rates
111. lappuse - Pending such petition and before final decree the court may at any time make such temporary restraining order or prohibition as shall be deemed just in the premises. Whenever it shall appear to the court before which
111. lappuse - act, includes corporations and associations existing under or authorized by the laws of the United States, the laws of any of the territories, the laws of any state or the laws of any foreign country.
54. lappuse - Professional books, implements, instruments, and tools of trade, occupation, or employment In the actual possession at the time of persons arriving In the United States; but this exemption shall not be construed to include machinery or other articles imported for use in any manufacturing establishment, or for any other person or

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