Democracy Under Assault: Theopolitics, Incivility and Violence on the Right

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Sol Ventures Press, 2004 - Political Science - 272 pages
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Democracy Under Assault examines the war against pluralistic democracy waged by religious nationalists and political ultraconservatives, with generous corporate backing. A right-wing political machine hones strategy introduced by George Wallace, who coopted God and patriotism, and used code words like crime, moral corruption and taxes to cloak a racist, sexist, anti-government agenda. Right-wing think tanks lay the linguistic foundation for a conservative revolution intent on destruction of the social contract, plunder of the treasury, and bypass of democratic principles of church-state separation, separation of powers, justice and equality. Corrupted language that forecloses debate defines tolerance for other religions as intolerance for biblical Christianity. Firmly rooted in nineteenth century science and economics, the political right are heirs to the nativist movement and proponents of survival-of-the-fittest capitalism, who embrace bio-determinism that holds futile the redress of poverty and injustice in the face of genetic inferiority. Extolling reduced options for women and hearkening to the era when abortion was criminalized, Moral Majority co-founder Howard Phillips invokes return to one-family-one-vote, even as some advocate one-family-one-paycheck to replace the minimum wage. Christian militarists eagerly anticipate apocalyptic end-times battles between good and evil, the harbinger of their divinely ordained ascension to power.

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