The Undeserved Miracle: As Told to Franklin E. Rutledge

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This book tells the true story about a young man that decided he was going to beat the moral system of Law. This system included parents, schools, civil authority and religion. Since he was a child, he wanted to do it his way. Feeling rejected because of his low self esteem, his mother's drug problem and the lack of attention he received from his father, he started using drugs and drinking at a very early age.

He cared nothing for religion and pushed God aside, yet he would pray to God to ask help for his mother. This book tells of how God's love and mercy refused to be weaker than Tony's attempt to cast Him away. Tony learned how to hide his internal problems by amusing his friend with outward toughness. He made people laugh to keep from crying. He beat people up to hide his weakness, and he sold drugs to prove he could be somebody.

He would have ended up like most people who participate in this life style; dead or in prison. Although not his fault, he was in a serious car accident that changed the direction of his life forever. Without any will of his own to live or die, a God fearing praying woman was divinely sent to the same area where he lay in critical condition, even though the area was not anywhere near her usual route toward home. According to medical examinations/records, pinpointed operational procedures, negative medical prognosis, and eye witness accounts, Tony should be dead. No human ability or intelligence could have kept him alive.

After reading this book, you will discover that you might have received an undeserved miracle also.


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