Arbustrum Americanum

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Joseph Crukshank, 1785 - Botany - 174 pages

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Page i - Arbustrum Americanum: The American grove, or, An alphabetical catalogue of forest trees and shrubs, natives of the American United States, arranged according to the LInnaean system.
Page 62 - ... oak, so called from its scarlet colored leaves in autumn; grows to the height of 80 feet, useful for rails. The honey locust is found in all the swails, bottoms and rich hills of the west, from the lakes to the latitude of Natchez. It invariably rejects a poor soil, grows to the height of 40 or 60 feet, dividing into many branches, which together with the trunk, are armed with long, sharp, pithy spines of the size of goose quills, from five to ten inches in length, and frequently so thick as...
Page iii - ... Compiled from actual knowledge and observation, and the Assistance of Botanical Authors, by Humphrey Marshall. Philadelphia. 1785. The dedication of the catalogue read as follows: To Benjamin Franklin, Esquire, President — John Ewing, DD, William White, DD, and Samuel Vaughan. Esq. Vice Presidents, and to the Other Members of the American Philosophical Society. This Alphabetical Catalogue of the Forest trees and Shrubs, Native of the American United States is respectfully dedicated by the Author....
Page 2 - ... the form of a cone, opening only at the top of the fcales, being firmly fixed below to a fort of axis jor receptacle, occupying the middle of the cone ; as in pinus, &c.
Page 11 - Acer rubrum of LINNAEUS." (83) « 5. Acer rubrum. The scarlet flowering Maple. « This grows to a pretty large size in a rich soil. The leaves are three and sometimes nearly five-lobed, and sawed on their edges. The flower are produced in little umbels closely surrounding the small branches, and are of a scarlet colour.
Page 62 - ... garnished with winged leaves, composed of ten or more pair of small lobes, sitting close to the midrib, of a lucid green colour. The flowers come out from the sides of the young branches, in form of katkins, of an herbaceous colour, and are succeeded by crooked, compressed pods, from nine or ten to sixteen or eighteen inches in length, and about an inch and a half or two inches in breadth, of which near onehalf is filled with a sweet pulp, the other containing many seeds in separate cells. The...
Page 10 - ... 2. Acer glaucum. The silver-leaved Maple. « This tree grows frequently to the height of fifty or sixty feet, with many spreading branches. The leaves are five-lobed, somewhat toothed, or deeply and irregularly sawed on their edges: they are of a lucid green on the upper side and a bright silver colour on their under.
Page 87 - Yellow is foft and brittle, and much ufed for boards, heels for fhoes, &c. alfo turned into bowls, trenchers, &c. The white is heavy, tough, and hard, and likewife fawed into joifts, boards, &c.
Page 30 - A a 2 more more pairs of folioles, proportionally large, and which are terminated by an odd one. The flowers are produced at the ends of the branches, in large...

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