The Life of Franz Schubert

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Shepard and Gill, 1873 - 163 pages
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Page 135 - Der Friede sei mit Dir, Du engelreine Seele! Im frischen Blüh'n der vollen Jugendkraft Hat Dich der Strahl des Todes hingerafft, Daß er dem reinen Lichte Dich vermähle, Dem Licht, von dem, hienieden schon durchdrungen, Dein Geist in heil'gen Tönen uns gesungen, Das Dich geweckt, geleitet und entflammt, Dem Lichte, das von Gott nur stammt.
Page 2 - In the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington STEREOTYPED BY CJ PETERS & SON, 5 WASHINGTON ST., BOSTON.
Page 135 - Sphären. Für viele Rosen hat dies Erdenleben Dir scharfe Dornen nur zum Lohn gegeben, Ein langes Leiden und ein frühes Grab, Dort fallen alle Ketten ab. Und was als...
Page 135 - Erdenleben Dir scharfe Dornen nur zum Lohn gegeben, Ein langes Leiden und ein frühes Grab, Dort fallen alle Ketten ab. Und was als Erbteil Du uns hast zurückgelassen: Das Wirken heißer Liebe, reiner Kraft, Die heil'ge Wahrheit groß und unerschlafft, Wir wollen 's tief in unsre Seelen fassen.
Page 82 - Thank God, as I do, beloved wife, for the glorious success of 'Euryanthe.' Weary as I am, I must still say a sweet good night to my beloved Lina, and cry Victory! All the company seemed in a state of ecstasy; singers, chorus, orchestra ; — all were drunk, as it were, with joy.
Page 143 - ... that we should scarcely know at the present time, but for the great musician ? It is much to be regretted that an artist like Schubert should have passed away so soon. Probably the extraordinary excitement caused by his musical labors preyed upon his naturally robust constitution. He was literally 1 " The important elements of Schubert's character were a love of truth and a marked hatred of jealousy, tenderness with firmness, sincerity, and affection, sociability, modesty, frankness, and a deep...
Page 61 - Schubert, on account of his famous and most promising musical talent, which he has proved chiefly in the art of composition, has been employed by the committee of management of the Court Theatre, and served with great distinction and to the satisfaction of everyone.
Page 161 - Judge of my astonishment and delight when on undoing the parcel I found a whole symphony in forty-four sheets. It is one of the most interesting and singular works to be found in all the musical art. The introduction and a portion of the allegro are fully scored and completed; but at the...
Page 117 - Grenzen der Menschheit,' 'Allmacht,' 'Junge Nonne,' 'Viola,' the 'Miillerlieder,' and several others. He exclaimed repeatedly, in a voice of rapturous delight, 'Certainly a godlike spark dwells in Schubert ! Had I had this poem, I, too, would have set it to music!' He could not say enough in praise of most of the other poems, and Schubert's original way of handling the subject.
Page 158 - It is written for two violins, viola, flute, two oboes, two clarinets, two bassoons, two horns, two trumpets, a drum, a 'cello, and bass.

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