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halo graphic novel

User Review  - stephanie444444444 -

The art and writing in this novel is awesome! It really isnt just a commercialized attempt at getting money from halo fans it was actually done by people who really care about the halo story. Great graphic novel!! Read full review

Halo Graphic Novel

User Review  - elizabeth1961 -

Everything about this book is great. The stories are well written and the art is just a masterpiece. The gallery at the end shows some of the greatest Halo art ever collected together. However there ... Read full review

Halo The Graphic novel

User Review  -

Wicked sweet bok of comics by Marvel 4 different stories and a bunch of cool art at the end of the book made me rebeat the game. Still waiting for Ghosts of Onyx. Read full review

Beyond Good

User Review  - neffect209 -

Ifyoure into te Halo universe this is a must have for fans and a greatrecommend for anyone just interested in maybe picking this up. The artis just top notch and te stories range from cool to better than mostwould expect from somethingbased on a video game. Read full review

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it wasn't that good

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This book is pretty good.

Review: The Halo Graphic Novel (Halo Graphic Novels)

User Review  - Locked Out - Goodreads

This sharp looking full colored comic book features a slew of stories. From the covenant dealing with the flood, to the first testing of the legendary spartan armor. This Comic should not be passed up so hastily the next time you see it in a store or on a shelf! Fans of Halo, thsi comic is for you! Read full review

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