First -Seventh Biennial Report of the Department of Engineering of the State of California: 1907/08-1918/20

Front Cover
California State Printing Office, 1917 - Irrigation

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Page 74 - Act, either in person or through another, he shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punished by a fine of not less than five hundred nor more than two thousand dollars; and...
Page 33 - Whenever fifty, or a majority, of the holders of title, or evidence of title to lands susceptible of one mode of irrigation from a common source and by the same system of works desire to provide for the irrigation of the same...
Page 141 - The assessment upon real property is a lien against the property assessed from and after the first Monday in March for any year, and the lien for the bonds of any issue shall be a preferred lien to that for any subsequent issue, and such lien is not removed until the assessments are paid, or the property sold for the payment thereof.
Page 111 - Any inspector who renders a false report, knowing the same to be false, shall be guilty of a felony. It shall be the duty of the state engineer to keep a full, true and correct detailed account of the cost of all work done under the control of the department of engineering, and with the consent of the advisory board...
Page 105 - It is, however, for the legislature to determine how the apportionment shall be made; and while it is held that an apportionment of the expenses for a local improvement is to be made according to the benefits received by the property assessed, yet the power to make such apportionment rests upon the general power of taxation, and the apportionment itself does not depend upon the fact of local benefit in any other sense than that all taxes are supposed to be based upon the benefit received by the tax-payer.
Page 135 - ... does not exceed sixty per centum of the aggregate market value of the lands within said district and of the water, water rights, canals, reservoirs, reservoir sites, and irrigation works owned or to be acquired or constructed with the proceeds of any...
Page 135 - ... the nature of the soil proposed to be irrigated as to its fertility and susceptibility to irrigation, the probable amount of water needed for its irrigation and the probable need of drainage...
Page 57 - ... except that the Legislature shall have power to provide for the supervision, regulation and conduct, in such manner as it may determine, of the affairs of irrigation districts, reclamation districts or drainage districts, organized or existing under any law of this State.
Page 111 - ... to the injury of the State, or any contractor or his agent or employee who shall knowingly permit the violation of the contract of such contractor to the injury of the State, or any agent or employee of any contractor who shall have knowledge of any work being done in violation of contract and does not immediately notify the department of engineering or the inspector upon said work in regard to the same is guilty of a felony...
Page 54 - A redemption of the property sold may be made within three (3) years from the date of sale, or at any time thereafter before a deed has been made and delivered, by payment in lawful money of the United States to the collector of the district of the amount for which the property was sold, plus a penalty of three-fourths (%) of one per cent per month from the date of sale until redemption.

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