A Dictionary of Arts, Manufactures and Mines: Containing a Clear Exposition of Their Principles and Practice, Volume 2

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D. Appleton & Company, 1856 - Industries
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Page 350 - As I walked through the wilderness of this world, I lighted on a certain place where was a den, and laid me down in that place to sleep, and as I slept 1 dreamed a dream.
Page 105 - surrounding districts, and compare it with what it was at the close of the last and the commencement of the present century, we shall find that at that period the useful and industrial arts were comparatively of little importance. We shall als
Page 114 - diminish its capability of producing grain. The fields of Great Britain are in a state of progressive exhaustion from this cause, as is proved by the rapid extension of the cultivation of turnips and mangold-wurzel, plants which contain the least amount of the phosphates, AND
Page 125 - changing the combination of the constituent parts of vegetable and animal productions, but also of retarding, for many years at least, if not of destroying altogether, the natural tendency of these same products to decomposition." And this opinion is confirmed from many startling facts, which cannot be reconciled to the
Page 126 - be altered in any way — if one of the constituents which belong essentially to its constitution be removed— ^a corresponding variation must take place in the power of that piece of flesh to reassume, in the living body, the original form and quality on which its properties in the living organism
Page 446 - casualties of cracking and breaking in the kilns by the heat being increased or withdrawn too suddenly, a risk to which the larger articles are peculiarly liable. These vicissitudes render enamel painting in its higher branches a most unsatisfactory and disheartening study, and enhance the value of those productions which are really successful and meritorious.
Page 460 - is laid down on a clean floor, and a workman is set to tread upon it with naked feet for a considerable time, walking in a spiral direction from the centre to the circumference, and from the circumference to the centre. In
Page 18 - mine suspected to contain fire-damp, in order to ascertain its presence, we walk firmly on with the safe-lamps, and, with the utmost confidence, prove the actual state of the mine. By observing attentively the several appearances upon the flame of the lamp, in an examination of this kind, the cause of accidents which happened to the most experienced and
Page 417 - Immense quantities of dust and small coal accompanied these blasts, and rose high into the air, in the form of an inverted cone. The heaviest part of the ejected matter, such as corves, wood, and small coal,
Page 486 - in passing under the inking rollers become charged with the colored varnish ; and as the cylinder continues to revolve, the plates come into contact with a sheet of paper on the first paper cylinder, which is then carried by means of tapes to the second paper cylinder, where it receives an impression

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