The Life and Writings of Henry Thomas Buckle, Volume 1

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Appleton, 1880 - Historians - 502 pages
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Henry Thomas Buckle, son of Thomas Henry Buckle and Jane Middleton, was born November 24, 1821.

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Page 18 - hear A fearful battle rendered you in music : Turn him to any course of policy, The gordian knot of it he will unloose Familiar as his garter ; that, when he speaks, The air, a chartered libertine, is still, And the mute wonder lurketh in men's ears, To steal his sweet and honeyed sentences
Page 18 - Hear him but reason in divinity. And, all-admiring with an inward wish You would desire the king were made a prelate : Hear him debate of commonwealth affairs, You would say—it hath been all-in-all his study : List his discourse of war, and you
Page 318 - it be said of Adam Smith, and said, too, without fear of contradiction, that this solitary Scotchman has, by the publication of one single work, contributed more toward the happiness of man than has been effected by the united abilities of all the statesmen and legislators of whom history has preserved an authentic
Page 248 - incredible that they may some day be revived in full force. In the year 1857, at the summer assizes of the county of Cornwall, an unfortunate man, said to be of unexceptionable conduct in all relations of life, was sentenced to twenty-one months' imprisonment for uttering and writing on a gate some offensive words against Christianity.
Page 248 - Penalties for opinion, or at least for its expression, still exist by law; and their enforcement is not, even in these times, so unexampled as to make it incredible that they may some day be revived in full force. In the year 1857, at the summer
Page 69 - Oh ! says a silly man, full of his prerogative of dominion over a few beasts of the field, there is excellent wool on the back of a wolf, and therefore he must be sheared. What! shear a wolf ? Yes. But will he comply ? have you considered the trouble ? how will you get this wool
Page 500 - Sociology') is a gigantic one; it.s value, when complete, will be immeasurable; and its actual influence on the study of sociology, and help to that study, greater perhaps than any book yet published. It is a cyclopaedia of Social Science, but a cyclopaedia edited by the greatest of sociologists."—GW SMALLEY. For sale by all booksellers; or sent by mail, post-paid, on receipt of price. D.
Page 499 - skeptical—let him, in short, find his prejudices shocked at every turn of the argument, and all his prepossessions whistled down the wind—still, there is so much in this extraordinary volume to stimulate reflection and excite to inquiry, and provoke to earnest investigation, perhaps (to this or that reader! on
Page 153 - Hence it is that, looking at the history of the world as a whole, the tendency has been in Europe to subordinate nature to man; out of Europe, to subordinate man to nature. To this there are, in barbarous countries, several exceptions; but in civilized countries the rule has been universal. The great division, therefore, between European
Page 41 - should write soon ; for, if he waits till his judgment is matured, his inability, through want of practice, to express his conceptions, will make the disproportion so great between what he sees and what he can attain, that he will probably be discouraged from writing at all."

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