Actes du huitìeme Congrès international des orientalistes: tenu en 1889 à Stockholm et à Christiania

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E. J. Brill, 1892 - Asianists

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Page 201 - And he carried out thence all the treasures of the house of the LORD, and the treasures of the king's house...
Page 6 - Tout est bien , sortant des mains de l'Auteur des choses, tout dégénère entre les mains de l'homme.
Page 6 - Posons pour maxime incontestable que les premiers mouvements de la nature sont toujours droits : il n'ya point de perversité originelle dans le cœur humain; il ne s'y trouve pas un seul vice dont on ne puisse dire comment et par où il y est entré.
Page 21 - There are also in Arabia two kinds of sheep worthy of admiration, the like of which is nowhere else to be seen; the one kind has long tails, not less than three cubits in length, which, if they were allowed to trail on the ground, would be bruised and fall into sores. As it is, all the shepherds know enough of carpentering to make little trucks for their sheep's tails. The trucks are placed under the tails, each sheep having one to himself, and the tails are then tied down upon them. The other kind...
Page 89 - Pria ch'io scendessi a l'infernale ambascia, I s'appellava in terra il sommo bene onde vien la letizia che mi fascia; e EL si chiamò poi: e ciò convene, che l'uso de' mortali è come fronda in ramo, che sen va e altra viene.
Page 26 - The trees from which the Indians make their clothes have leaves like those of the black mulberry, but the whole plant resembles the dogrose. They are planted in rows on the plains , so as to look like vines at a distance".
Page 13 - Graece, quae hominem huc et illuc rapit, altera in ratione, quae docet et explanat , quid faciendum fugiendumque sit Ita fit, ut ratio praesit, appetitus obtemperet.
Page 25 - Nowhere are the styles of architecture so various as in India, and nowhere are the changes so rapid, or follow laws of so fixed a nature.
Page 21 - Vous en voyez souvent qui ne la sauraient traîner , et à ceux-là on leur met en quelques endroits la queue sur une petite machine à deux roues, à laquelle on les attache par un harnois, afin qu'ils la tirent plus facilement".
Page 33 - Delhi, studded with ruins more thickly than even the Campagna of Rome, and many others, to remain without more examination than they have hitherto received. Everything that has hitherto been done in this way has been done by private persons, imperfectly and without system. It is impossible not to feel that there are European governments which, if they had held our rule in India, would not have allowed this to be said.

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