The Hand-book of Astrology: Containing the Doctrine of Nativities, in a Form Free of All Mystery ; by which a Man May Calculate His Own Nativity and Learn His Own Natural Character and Proper Destiny, Volume 1

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Berger, 1861 - Astrology

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Page 26 - ... The Sun, if well dignified, is always equal to one of the fortunes; in some respects his influence resembles that of Jupiter, but magnanimity is his predominant characteristic. The diamond, the ruby, the carbuncle, pure gold, and all yellow metals are under him ; he is represented riding on a horse. The solar man is not of many words, but when he speaks it is •with confidence, and to the purpose; he is usually thoughtful, secret, and reserved; his deportment is stately and majestic—a lover...
Page 68 - ... distempers in the reins, weakness in the back, stoppage at the stomach, coughs, swellings in the hips and thighs.
Page 68 - T signifies convulsions, defluxions of rheum from the head, lethargy, weakness in the eyes, and pains in the knees, ]) in O produces pains in the legs and feet, swellings, stoppage in and sore throat, &c.
Page 66 - HJ? produces humours in the bowels, obstructions in the stomach, bloody flux, sore throat, or swellings in the neck, 0 in :=.— Inflammation of the blood, pains in the arms and shoulders, stone and gravel, the venereal distemper, etc.
Page 26 - Describes a good stature, strong and well-made ; a good complexion, though not very clear; light hair, flaxen or yellowish, and large eyes. The man is noble, valiant, and courageous ; delighting in warlike actions and enterprize ; he gains victory, is famous, and a terror to his enemies, &c.
Page 101 - Oblique Sphere. One in which all circles parallel to the equator are oblique to the horizon, and form acute angles with it. Occidental. Western. Orb of a Planet. The distance within which a planet continues to operate. The orbs are Saturn 9 degrees, Jupiter 12 degrees, Mars 7 degrees 30 minutes. Sun 17 degrees, Venus 8 degrees, Mercury 7 degrees, the Moon 12 degrees.
Page 7 - The following table of the houses, or chief dignities of the planets, is exactly the same as that found in the mummy-case of the Archon of Thebes, in ancient Egypt, as may be. seen in the British Museum* : — SI 0 I 9B ttK 5 n =*
Page 68 - X shews cold taken in the feet, and body disordered thereby ; swellings in the legs, dropsies, and the body overcharged with moist humours.* CHAPTER XXX.
Page 90 - ... indication of speedy release. Hence it was judged and declared to many friends that the prisoner would be immediately released, which was the fact. We looked to see whether the prisoner were guilty of the deed or not ; and finding the Moon in Libra, a humane sign,
Page 29 - If well dignified at the time of birth, the native will be of a quiet, even and friendly disposition, naturally inclined to neatness, loving mirth and cheerfulness, and delighting in music ; amorous and prone to venery ; though truly virtuous, if a woman ; yet she will be given to jealousy, even without cause.

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