Four Epochs of World Conquest

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Missionary Education Movement of the United States and Canada, 1913 - 129 pages
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Page 16 - They were tired in many moons, and their moccasins wore out. My people sent me to get the white man's Book of Heaven. You took me to where you allow your women to dance, as we do not ours ; and the Book was not there ! You took me to where they worship the Great Spirit with candles, and the Book was not there ! You showed me images of the...
Page 10 - Brother, we do not understand these things. We are told that your religion was given to your forefathers, and has been handed down from father to son. We also have a religion, which was given to our forefathers and has been handed down to us, their children. We worship in that way. It teaches us to be thankful for all the favors we receive, to love each other and to be united. We never quarrel about religion.
Page 41 - Birthday. — My Jesus, my King, my Life, my All; I again dedicate my whole self to Thee. Accept me, and grant, O gracious Father, that ere this year is gone I may finish my task. In Jesus
Page 44 - In him religion exhibits its loveliest features ; it governs his conduct not only towards his servants but towards the natives, the bigoted Mohammedans, and all who come in contact with him.
Page 96 - In Christ there is no East or West, In Him no South or North. But one great fellowship of love Throughout the whole wide earth.
Page 17 - When I tell my poor blind people, after one more snow, in the big council, that I did not bring the Book, no word will be spoken by our old men or by our young braves. One by one they will rise up and go out in silence. My people will die in darkness, and they will go on the long path to the other hunting grounds.
Page 42 - I beg to direct your attention to Africa : I know that in a few years I shall be cut off in that country, which is now open ; do not let it be shut again ! I go back to Africa to try to make an open path for commerce and Christianity ; do you carry out the work which I have begun. I LEAVE IT WITH YOU !" In a prefatory letter prefixed to the volume entitled Dr.
Page 16 - I came with one eye partly opened, for more light for my people, who sit in darkness. I go back with both eyes closed. How can I go back blind, to my blind people? I made my way to you with strong arms, through many enemies and strange lands, that I might carry back much to them. I go back with both arms broken and empty.
Page 106 - Pilgrim, defended by patriot and missionary, guided by the pillar of cloud by day and of fire by night, sanctified by a faith as pure as looks up to heaven from any land!
Page 89 - My God is Jehovah. He it was who kindled these fires. I do not fear Pe'le'. Should I perish by her anger, then you may fear her power. But if Jehovah save me while breaking her tabus, then you must fear and love Him. The gods of Hawaii are vain.

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