Kinder und hausmärchen: gesammelt durch die Brüder Grimm, Volume 3

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Dieterich, 1856 - Fairy tales
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Page 4 - ... open the door, my hinny, my hart, open the door, mine ain wee thing; and mind the words that you and I spak down in the meadow, at the well-spring!« the frog is admitted, and addresses her. »take me up on your knee, my dearie, take me up on your knee, my dearie, and mind the words that you and I spak at the cauld well...
Page 278 - A work of great interest might be compiled upon the origin of popular fiction, and the transmission of similar tales from age to age, and from country to country. The mythology of one period would then appear to pass into the romance of the next century, and that into the nursery tale of the subsequent ages.
Page 354 - THE VEDALA CADAI, being the Tamul Version of a Collection of Ancient Tales in the Sanscrit Language ; popularly known throughout India, and entitled the Vetala Panchavinsati.
Page 279 - Among the most venerable remains of ancient teutonic literature we should rank the abundant stores of popular legends and traditions, which often preserve most curious illustrations of heathen mythology and still more frequently exhibit it in a most incongruous combination with the Christian faith. Under this last head we may also notice the beautiful collection of Nursery Literature, which has lately been edited with so much care by Messrs. Grimm.
Page 279 - French and Italian stories of the same genus and species, and extant in printed books; but the greater part of the German popular or nursery stories are stated by the editors to be traditionary...
Page 308 - Amusements of undoubted authenticity and antiquity. Some of them are extant in manuscript, others live only in the traditions of the common people. A translation of the former was prepared for the press by Mr. William Owen, to whom Cymric literature is so greatly indebted, but the manuscript was unfortunately lost before publication. These tales possess extraordinary singularity and interest, and a complete collection of them in the original language is, as Mr. Southey remarks, a desideratum in British...
Page 226 - C'est la légende d'un puissant personnage qui, tout en vivant avec son épouse dans une étroite union, ne doit point être vu par elle. Le point curieux et qui nous intéresse ici particulièrement, c'est que ce personnage se cache sous une peau d'âne. Ergo...
Page 354 - Paramarta et autres contes , le tout traduit pour la première fois sur les originaux indiens, par M.
Page 274 - Garnacha que consistía nuestra restauración; y aquellas que a ti te deben parecer profecías no son sino palabras de consejas o cuentos de viejas, como aquellos del caballo sin cabeza, y de la varilla de virtudes, con que se entretienen al fuego las dilatadas noches del invierno...
Page 179 - Germanorum populis usurpatum raro et privata cuiusque audentia apud Chattos in consensum vertit, ut primum adoleverint, crinem barbamque submittere, nee nisi hoste caeso exuere votivum obligatumque virtuti oris habitum. Super sanguinem et spolia revelant frontem, seque 5 turn demum pretia nascendi rettulisse dignosque patria ac parentibus ferunt : ignavis et imbellibus manet squalor.

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