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Page 543 - For there is hope of a tree if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground, yet through the scent of water it will bud and bring forth boughs like a plant.
Page 64 - Newfound, land; and to the prohibiting the exportation from, and permitting the importation to Great Britain, of corn ; and for allowing the importation of other articles of provision, without payment of duty, until the 25th day of March...
Page 16 - Atween the preachings, meet wi' me — Meet wi' me, or when it's mirk, Convoy me hame frae Logan kirk. I weel may sing thae days are gane — Frae kirk and fair I come alane While my dear lad maun face his faes Far, far frae me and Logan braes.
Page 301 - He staid in Carolina until the year 1761, when, at his own desire, he was recalled. Upon his arrival in London, he was appointed Director-general of the office of countroul, with the rank of Colonel in the Amiy, under the command of Prince Ferdinand, in Germany.
Page 302 - Considerations on the Indignity suffered by the Crown and Dishonour brought upon the Nation by the marriage of...
Page 164 - An act to consolidate and amend the provisions of the several acts relating to corps of yeomanry and volunteers in Great Britain, and to make further regulations relating thereto.
Page 272 - ... not seek or wish, in the remotest degree to injure or encroach upon " the Rights, Privileges, Immunities, Possessions, or Revenues appertaining to the Bishops and Clergy of the Protestant Religion as by law established, or to the Churches committed to' their charge, or to any of them...
Page 256 - An act to enable the commissioners of his majesty's treasury to issue exchequer bills, on the credit of such aids or supplies as have been or shall be granted by parliament for the service of Great Britain for the year 1814.
Page 66 - May, 1805, the importation of hides, ealve skins, horns, tallow, and wool, (except cotton wool,) in foreign ships, on payment of the like duties as if imported in British or Irish ships.
Page 301 - At the beginning of what has been called the seven years' war with. France, which commenced in America in 1754, two years before it broke out in Europe, a number of persons, styled commissioners, being deputed from each colony, assembled at Albany, to consider of defending themselves against the French, who were making alarming encroachments on their back settlements.

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