The Funny Truth about Parenting

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CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, Oct 30, 2009 - 238 pages
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The funny truth takes a look at the oldest profession in the world. Parenting! It looks at the common sense about parenting first discussed by Dr. Spock and compares it to Mr. Spock. J. Montana gives a Birdseye view of growing up Black in America and raising children in a colored world where racism is still a raging rampant. The funny truth turns parenthood upside down and bares the ugly truth that children are not that complicated. It ask the question on how do we gain back control of our children? In an age where social media is all the rave, technology has provided our children with a false sense of sobriety using computers, tablets and phones as the bridge to socializing. We live in a crazy world where our children lack the ability to resolve certain situation in a peaceful and tactful way. Instead, guns have become a way to settle all disputes. So many of our children are being cyber-bullied and our daughters are staging public fist fights. Where does it end? Our children will be packing parents off to nursing homes. Or, worst dropping parent of to adult day care and hoping for the best. How laughable is that, who is the parent here? I blame it on the 'time out' New Generation parenting. We all know those children who throw fits in public spaces while parents try to calm them down. Yup! We discuss the differences in how Black mother's raise and punish their children then to whites. We will explore the influences that shape our children lives like peer pressure, alcohol, drugs and society as a whole. Reality T.V. is the new normal truth and it displays how dysfunctional our society is by airing out our dirty laundry on the world stage. Who needs a Soap Opera? In the last century all kinds of books and magazines have been published on parenting and how to raise children. So how did we get out of the Dark Ages of parenting? The truth is we did and it came with all kinds labels. There are plenty of stories we can tell because we are not alone. The funny truth about parenting is, how many of you would do it again?

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J. Montana is the pen and artist name of J.L. Wright. I have been working as a professional Fine Artist for over ten years; exhibiting publicly and commercially. I display my multi-cultural background through my paintings. I am a first time novelist. I have also written an urban fantasy novel Pure Blood is the 1st in the series and The Immortals the follow up. They are both currently available on (print on demand & e-book) & Kindle digital reader. The 3rd book of the series The Lost will be available in the winter 2010. For more information please check out my webpage at

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