The Worldwide List of Alternative Theories and Critics

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Editions d Assailly, May 24, 2016 - Science - 2127 pages
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This directory includes the  scientists found in the Internet. The scientists of the directory are only those involved in physics (natural philosophy).

The list includes  9000 names of scientists, doctors or engineers for more than 50%. Their position is shortly presented  together with their proposed alternative theory when applicable. There are more than 1000 such theories, all amazingly very different from one another.

Ce répertoire, exclusivement disponible en langue anglaise, inclut les scientifiques, exclusivement dans le domaine de la physique, référencés sur Internet.

La liste comporte plus de 9000 noms de scientifiques, docteurs ou ingénieurs à plus de 50%. Elle précise leur position de manière succincte et expose, le cas échéant, les lignes directrices de la solution alternative qu'ils proposent. Il y a ainsi plus de 1000 théories, toutes remarquablement différentes.


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Congrats to Jean de Climont for such a wonderful compilation of those of us involved in what is destined to be the last Cosmological Revolution. While the accuracy of the descriptions of the various theories and theorists has much to be desired, it is still a magnificent achievement. Trying to figure out what some of these folks are proposing is no easy task. As Jean mentions, the variations in theory seem overwhelming--indicating, of course, that the opposition to the Big Bang Theory, relativity, and quantum mechanics is in even more disarray than the regressive physicists and cosmogonists promoting the mainstream propaganda. One suggestion: It would be a big improvement if those listed could have an easy way of correcting what was written about them and their ideas. 

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I saw my name was in this manuscript and I bitterly resent it. As it is I am a LIFE member of the GRG society,. and the APS, as the AIAA, and I do NOT dabble in crack pot theories. I am also a member of the IOP as well.
What I do, is to explore alternative ideas and do that as a thought experiment.
The author of this manuscript did me a disservice and I bluntly accuse him of mis representation of what I am doing in physics.
The fact is, that deviance from standard theories is not a crack pot endeavor, and the author of this manuscript smeared my name and those of other scientists.
I do not know what his motivation was and is. As it is, I am putting forth my vehement protest as to what he did as far as methodology.
I am NOT a dissident scientist. I am a scientist who explore alternatives, but who is deeply appreciative of the work done by established theory and experiment. I.e. that work is only criticised by me if it becomes a religion, and dogma.
Fact is that 99% of the work done by LIGO, and other such GW teams has my enthusiastic endorsement.
FTR, the author, Jean de Clement could have done me the favor of consulting with me, before this monstrous faux pax was put in place.
I reject the premise of this listing and bitterly resent work I have done being unfairly characterized and stigmatized by this most ignorant text.
The author owes me, and other scientists a huge apology.
Andrew Beckwith, PhD
P.S. while he is at it, Jean de Clement should apologize to Dr. Robert Baker, a close friend I have known for 10 years as well for the same reason.
I do not have the time to add more to it than this, but I state again that what Jean de Clement did to me and Dr. Robert Baker, without our permission, is repellent to the extreme.
Having my name in this compendium was a smear job, and unprofessional.
I will survive this, but this is the most unprofessional thing I have seen in decades.
If Jean De Clement were honest, he would expunge my name and Dr. Robert Bakers name, and
from now on, before even thinking of his listing, CONTACT the affected individuals.
Doing otherwise is unprofessional, and an act of cowardice to the extreme.

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