The first Latin exercise book. [With] A key

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Page 137 - Athene who was said to have sprung, fully armed, from the head of Zeus.
Page iii - Latin Parsing Book.' As that work aims at imparting an acquaintance with the structure of the Latin language by means of easy- and progressive lessons in parsing, so this, calling for...
Page vii - Latin, they may be continued, it is believed, long after their first adoption, with every prospect of advantage. A continued practice of reading off their English into Latin will not only serve to...
Page viii - Latin, and to fix in the mind passages from writers of high authority, whose turn of expression at all times, and whose very language occasionally, may be employed with advantage.
Page iii - Part passages reduced by analysis to first principles. In each the several sections connected with the various rules of Syntax are arranged in a like order, and contain — as nearly as circumstances permit — a like number of examples.
Page vi - Eoman customs or forms, an explanation of the English terms employed has been supplied, and placed between brackets. Some slight help has also been sometimes given by statements as to the number, case, gender, tense, &c., of certain words, such information being inclosed between parentheses.
Page vi - Exercises are intended for young beginners, little able to follow out the differences of idiom existing between their own and another language, and who therefore require to be presented for such purposes as the present with a nearly literal translation.
Page xii - Verbs and Adjectives which signify Power, Impotence, Inculpation, Innocence, Condemnation, Acquittal, Memory, and Forgetfulness.

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