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Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia, a new book from Tell Me Press.
breaking news….. Michael Jackson – DEAD
– anesthesia Propofol –said to be used and abused by the pop icon
breaking news…..Usher rushes to the bedside of his wife who left the country for liposuction. Complications from anesthesia almost left Tomika brain dead
breaking news….. Donda West, Beloved Mother of Kanye West, Dead After Cosmetic Surgery The Los Angeles Times report on death of rap star Kanye West’s mother after undergoing cosmetic surgery from a prominent California doctor. A coroner’s report concluded that Donda West, 58, died “as a result of surgery or anesthesia,” the Times reported. (COPYRIGHT 2007 Johnson Publishing Co.)
breaking news….. High School Cheerleader Dies During Elective Breast Surgery Family lawyer Roberto D. Stanziale told that doctors believe Stephanie Kuleba died of a rare and potentially deadly genetic reaction to general anesthesia known as malignant hyperthermia.
Did you know, by the age of fifty most people have had at least 3 encounters with some form of anesthesia? Before you or a loved one undergoes another surgery or medical procedure, this book will enable you to empower yourself and learn the basic questions to ask about anesthesia.
THE DECISION HAS BEEN MADE: YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE SURGERY. You’ve met with your surgeon. You have a good idea what will happen during the operation. But how much do you know about the anesthesia?
Author Panchali Dhar, MD, is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology and Anesthesiologist at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical College and is board-certified in Internal Medicine and Anesthesiology. She has demystified the process and terms associated with anesthesia and arranged the information in an easy to understand topic-by-topic sourcebook. Dr. Dhar takes you into the complicated, fascinating, cutting-edge world of anesthesia.
In Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia, Dr. Dhar explores such real-life topics as:
• Pain-relief options during Labor and Delivery
• Facts to know before deciding on Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery
• Why children are not just “small adults” when it comes to anesthesia
• How obesity adds risk to surgery and anesthesia
• The common fear of awareness during anesthesia
In Before the Scalpel: What Everyone Should Know about Anesthesia, Dr. Dhar walks readers through the various steps that ensure a safe and pain-free experience during medical procedures that may require or benefit from anesthesia. Before the Scalpel is formatted and illustrated for quick and easy reference in an interactive manner. This is a take-along-book to the doctor’s office, with outlines and room to make notations. Each chapter is a mini crash course for any person who is concerned about the anesthesia aspect of surgery. We hope you will want to share this news with your readers/viewers now, and we would be happy to arrange an interview with Dr. Dhar.
BEFORE THE SCALPEL: ISBN-13: 978-0-9816453-1-5
You've seen her on CNN's Anderson Cooper and Nancy Grace Shows, NBC, CBS, ABC, WPIX and heard Dr. Dhar, a double board certified in Anesthesia and Internal Medicine practicing physician at the New York Presbyterian Cornell Weill Medical Center in Manhattan where she also serves as an associate professor. For bookings, signings and lectures, please contact
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