Constitution of the Mercantile Library Association, of the City of New York, with the Acts of Incorporation, By Laws and Regulations

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Page 6 - ... and protection of its property and funds ; and from time to time to alter or repeal such Constitution, By-Laws, Rules and Regulations...
Page 6 - The said corporation shall possess the general powers, and be subject to the general restrictions and liabilities prescribed in the third title of the eighteenth chapter of the first part of the Revised Statutes.
Page 9 - And the seats of the first class, shall be vacated at the end of the first year; of the second class, at the end of the second year; of the third class, at the end of the third year...
Page 11 - Senate shall take and subscribe the constitutional oath of office and shall give bond to the state in the sum of five thousand dollars for the faithful discharge of the duties of such office.
Page 8 - ... be removed for cause at any time by a vote of three-fourths of all the members of the board of education and may be suspended by the board of education pending the trial of charges'.
Page 5 - ... the collection of fees and dues, the number and election of its officers, and to define their duties, and for the safe-keeping of its property, and from time to time to alter, modify, or change such constitution, bylaws, rules, and regulations.
Page 17 - If any member lose or injure a book, he shall make the same good to the Librarian; and if the book lost or injured be one of a set, he shall pay to the Librarian, for the use of the Association, the full value of said set, and may thereupon receive the remaining volumes as his property.
Page 12 - In case of flagrant official or personal misconduct, the Board of Direction shall have power, by a vote of three-fourths of its whole number, to expel a member of the Board — two weeks' previous notice of the charges against him having been rendered in writing to the President, who shall thereupon and within one week thereafter, furnish a copy of such charges to the member against whom they are made...
Page 8 - The President, at the request of the Board of Direction, or at the written request of one hundred members, stating the...
Page 18 - Any member wishing to withdraw from the Association, must inform the Librarian of it, see that his resignation is registered, and pay up his dues and fees ; else he will be considered as continuing a member, and charged accordingly — unless otherwise ordered by the Board of Direction. ART.

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