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Kitty Kelly puts together a fantastic biography of the current house of Windsor, as of 1995. Despite the objections of the family, Ms. Kelly cites 1000 plus interviews and sources for the book to put ... Read full review

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Thoroughly enjoyable information about the House of Windsor. Nice family tree on the front and back cover to flip to while trying to figure out who was who at the beginning. Gave me a different perspective about all of them. Read full review

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Scuttlebutt, Rumors, and Other Assorted Untruths
The only thing Kitty Kelly does in this book is bring together rumors and gossip that have been swirling around the English Royal family for the past
several decades into one place. If I were to take what's in here even halfway seriously, then I'd have no choice but to believe that every male who is a part of the family by blood or marriage is a bisexual nympho. Only a complete neophyte to English history would think the monarchy's been a bastion of heterosexual monogamy, but those royals who did deviate from the public image presented were consistent in their deviation, which is more than can be said for what's in the pages of Ms. Kelly's book. She traffics in scandal and titilation, not facts and truth. 

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Reviewed August 1999 - purchased from The Bookworm 25 cents
Expecting rumors and outrageous lies I half-heartily decided to read this unauthorized novel of the British Royal Family. Boy was I
pleasantly surprised. Sure it's full of gossip and amazing tales, but Kelly tells you her sources and notes when it is unconfirmed. The author favors no one but tells the untold side of the Windsors. The media pushed the envelope and forced the Royals to air their dirty laundry on national TV. This is a microcosms of evolution of the press and the monarchy.
The book begins with George V who is a grandson of Victoria, and ends with the divorce of Charles & Diana. The author adds a postscript featuring Diana's death. The royalty are only human, but what is wrong with these people? Divorce is a no no, but adultery is fine? And if there is a baby or two born out of wedlock then oh well. Is marriage that important? My thoughts on this isn't so much the act, but how odd it looks for this "society" to see marriage as the only thing that matters, nothing else seems important, as long as the marriage certificate stays firm.
One thing seems very clear, Charles married Diana because he had to, not because he loved her. Sad how the strains of royalty force them to put on a happy face when their lives are falling apart inside. It seems that happiness should be more important than securing a life-long mate.

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Interesting biography of the Windsor family. Read full review

Review: The Royals

User Review  - Pam - Goodreads

A very interesting history of the House of Windsor - how it sprang from German roots, and a chronicle of what happened to individual family members. Read full review

Review: The Royals

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Enjoyable, gossipy read. Nothing profound, but very interesting. Read full review

Review: The Royals

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loved it.. kelley is right all along--they could never dissolve the monarchy because americans are simply too fascinated by it.. Read full review

Review: The Royals

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The author sounds like a real-life Rita Skeeter. Looking forward to this! :) Read full review

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