Catalogue of the Tortoises, Crocodiles, and Amphisbænians, in the Collection of the British Museum

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order of the Trustees, 1844 - Alligators - 80 pages
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Page 14 - ... tick appeared, it measured six-eighths of an inch in length, half an inch in breadth. Gen. EMYS, Brogniart. Head moderate, covered with a thin hard skin ; chin not bearded. Feet short, covered with scales; toes 5-4, strong, shielded above, webbed to the claws. Tail moderate. Shell, depressed. Sternum solid, broad, truncated before, notched behind, affixed to the thorax by a bony symphysis, covered by the ends of the pectoral and abdominal plates ; axillary and inguinal plates moderate, distinct....
Page 56 - ... Saurians to the Chelonians, the last genera of which, in certain points of their conformation and habits, approximate nearly to the family under consideration. The following is a synopsis of the species from the ' Catalogue of the Species in the British Museum
Page 58 - Jaws oblong, slender, depressed, flat, without ridges. Teeth unequal, lower canines fitting into a notch in the side of the upper jaw. Feet fringed ; toes webbed to the tip. The cervical plates in three or four cross series united to the dorsal shield. Males without any swelling in front of the nostrils. if. Bcnnettii, Bennett's False Gavial. M. eataphractui (Crocodilut cataphraclut of Cuvier), the Fall
Page 4 - Feet short, club-shaped, armed with blunt claws. Shell very solid, thick, ovate, the ribs united together to the margin, in the adult state covered with horny concentrically grooved shields, marked with a permanent areola: marginal plates 24 to 26, the caudal pair always united together into one broad generally incurved plate. Sternum broad and solid, closed in the centre of the adult, and firmly attached to the thorax by a bony suture, covered by the end of the pectoral and abdominal plates. Tail...
Page 58 - ... oblong, depressed, tapering, rather dilated at the end. Teeth unequal, lower canines fitting into a notch in the side of the upper jaw. Feet fringed ; toes webbed to the tip. Nuchal and cervical plates forming a disc separated from the dorsal one by small granular scales. The head of the newly hatched specimens is short, but it gradually elongates, and after a short time attains the form proper to the species ; and, through the bones becoming more solid by increasing age, they only slightly alter...
Page 61 - Head elongate, triangular, flat, smoothish above, narrow, tapering at the sides, nearly twice as long as the width of the head behind ; muzzle at the notch nearly two-thirds the width of the forehead, at the ninth tooth as wide as half the distance between the eyes and nostrils ; forehead flat, with nearly parallel sides.
Page 14 - Dum. and Bibr. Gen. GEOEMYDA, Gray. HEAD covered with thin continued skin ; chin not bearded. Legs strong, not fringed behind. Toes 5-4, strong, short, free, covered above by a series of shields ; claws short. Tail tapering ; shell depressed, three-keeled; hinder edge strongly toothed. Sternum solid, broad truncated before, notched behind ; gular plate linear, band-like, small ; axillary and inguinal plates small. 1 [See also the following papers by the same author: "The Rocks of Pulo Ubin,
Page 64 - Head oblong, depressed, with a ridge across the face before the eyes, rounded in front. Teeth unequal, canines of lower jaw each fitting into a pit in the upper jaw. Toes scarcely webbed. Nuchal and cervical plates united into one group. Eyelids fleshy, only partially bony. Nostrils only separated by a cartilage.
Page 3 - The body enclosed in a case, formed of two shields united by their margins, and leaving only the head, neck, limbs and tail free, which are covered with a scaly skin: the upper shield or thorax formed of the ribs more or less dilated on the sides, united together...
Page 66 - Natterer's Yacare. Alligator. — Jaws oblong, very depressed, broad, nearly parallel, rounded in front. Forehead with a small longitudinal ridge between the orbits. Teeth unequal, the lower canines received into a pit in the edge of the upper jaw. Nuchal and cervical plates separate. Feet fringed behind ; toes half webbed, the outer front toe free. Nostrils separated by a bony septum arising from the outer edge. North America. The muzzle elongates by age. A.

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