The History of Harvard University, Volume 1

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Crosby, Nichols, Lee & Company, 1860
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Page 539 - The fifth, the sixth, the seventh, the eighth, the ninth, the tenth, the eleventh, with this alteration, that, instead of the words that it be recommended to the electors, that at every choice they prefer, put in < that the person chosen from time to time to be a Professor, be,
Page 386 - consoling exclamation of the Preacher; " Say not thou. What is the cause that the former days were better than these ? for thou dost not inquire wisely concerning- this."*
Page 607 - ordained, and we do by these presents, for us, our heirs, and successors, will and ordain, that the said College in Cambridge, in the County of Middlesex, within our Province of the Massachusetts Bay, in New England aforesaid, shall henceforth be a Corporation consisting of seventeen persons, that is to say, a President,
Page 600 - same seal may alter, change, break, and new-make from time to time, at their pleasure. " And be it further enacted and declared by the authority aforesaid, that the said Corporation shall be and hereby are authorized and impowered to elect a new President,
Page 586 - TO 1780. GRANTS OF THE GENERAL COURT. [" At a Court holden September 8th, 1636, and continued by adjournment to the 28th of the 8th month (October, 1636). " The Court agreed to give £ 400 towards a School or College, whereof £ 200 to be paid next year, and ¿£200 when the work is finished, and the next Court to appoint where and what building.
Page 602 - And, whereas there have been at sundry times and by divers persons gifts, grants, devises, of houses, lands, tenements, goods, chattels, legacies, and conveyances, heretofore made unto the said College, or to the President
Page 602 - Fellows thereof successively, the said gifts, grants, devises, legacies, and conveyances are hereby for ever ratified and confirmed according to the true intent of the donor or donors, grantor or grantors, devisor or devisors. " And, in order to the preventing of irregularities, and for the more assurance of the well government of said College,
Page 18 - he submitted to that body in the ' ensuing November, showing why he should not be compelled at once, for the convenience of his successor, to quit the President's house. " 1st. The time of the year is unseasonable, being now very near the shortest day, and the depth of winter. * Magnalia, Book IV. chap. 4, § 10.
Page 141 - Mathers to such a height of indignation, that they Mathers. seem to have lost all sense of prudence and character. A pamphlet immediately appeared (1701), entitled " A Collection of some of the many offensive Matters contained in a Pamphlet, entitled
Page 377 - the College to the meetinghouse. " The Bachelors of Art walked first, two in a rank, and then the Masters, all bareheaded ; then followed Mr. Wadsworth alone as President ; next the Corporation and Tutors, two in a rank ; then the Honorable Lieutenant-Governor Dummer and Council, and next to them the VOL. i. 48

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