The Argyle case

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Grosset & Dunlap, 1913
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Page 241 - ... Gift of The People of the United States Through the Victory Book Campaign (A. L A. — ARC — US 0.) To the Armed Forces and Merchant Marine i CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS.
Page 71 - I don't know any more about it than you do. But I do know that Dr. Samuel Johnson said: "Gratitude is a fruit of great cultivation. You do not find it among gross people.
Page 201 - Their visitor stared at her as if he thought she had taken leave of her senses. Throwing up his arms in indignant astonishment, he cried: "My God! Are you crazy?
Page 246 - Hurley, you can go to hell your own way. If you haven't sense enough to see that it's better to make a clean breast of it and stand for a charge of manslaughter, you can go to the chair as a counterfeiting crook that tried to blackmail an old man and murdered him when he rounded on you. You gave stuff to the papers to throw suspicion on the girl and the boy.
Page 97 - You understand, Mr. Argyle, that you are now the head of the family, and the responsibility for the success or failure of this investigation will rest largely with you. I'll have to ask for your cooperation in everything, and I'll expect that you'll consult with me before you make any move or express any opinion or do anything that has a bearing on this case.
Page 216 - I discovered that you and your husband are engaged with others in a gigantic counterfeiting scheme. I cannot promise you immunity from prosecution, but if you will do what is right by assisting the law, that fact will be taken into consideration by the prosecuting officers. I may be able to assist you there; but in return you must do something for me.
Page 156 - The legacy has been left to me because of an obligation on Mr. Argyle's part to my dead husband, who assisted him at a time when he greatly needed money. There are personal reasons why I don't care to make myself known to the family, and if I can receive this money without any inconvenient curiosity, I should be very glad to have it.
Page 218 - I wouldn't have her hurt or even frightened for all the damned counterfeiters in the world! She's the gentlest thing I ever met. Good God, haven't you any feeling for her at all? I might have known I couldn't trust her to a woman who left her when she was a baby for a crook like Kreisler!
Page 214 - It has evidently leaked out that she is here. They may be reporters. They may be police detectives. Young Mr. Argyle has the whole force searching for her. I can't take her away without showing my hand, and she can't go alone. Isn't there a back way so you could escape with her to a hotel?
Page 235 - If that's true, there's no need of your going to prison as a counterfeiter. You're practically innocent. You can go on the stand as State's witness, and by your testimony that these other men know nothing of your husband's process you can save them from long terms. She nodded wearily. "Yes, yes, I can do that.

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