G.F. Händel, Volume 1

Front Cover
Breitkopf und Härtel, 1858

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Page 280 - For its author he has faithfully endeavoured a just imitation of the most famed Italian masters, principally to bring the seriousness and gravity of that sort of musick into vogue and reputation among our countrymen, whose humour 'tis time now should begin to loath the levity and balladry of our neighbours.
Page 281 - Sisters, which walking hand in hand, support each other; As Poetry is the harmony of Words, so Musick is that of Notes; and as Poetry is a Rise above Prose and Oratory, so is Musick the exaltation of Poetry. Both of them may excel apart, but sure they are most excellent when they are joyn'd, because nothing is then wanting to either of their Perfections: for thus they appear like Wit and Beauty in the same Person.
Page 280 - tis time now, should begin to loath the levity, and balladry of our neighbours: The attempt he confesses to be bold, and daring, there being Pens and Artists of more eminent abilities, much better...
Page 284 - But the Numbers of Poetry and Vocal Musick, are sometimes so contrary, that in many places I have been oblig'd to cramp my Verses, and make them rugged to the Reader, that they may be harmonious to the Hearer...
Page 430 - ... and even in the general melody of the airs themselves : yet, in the accent, passion, and expression of English words, the vocal music of Purcell is, sometimes to my feelings, as superior to Handel's as an original poem to a translation.
Page 331 - My father, who was nineteen years of age when Purcell died, remembered his person very well, and the effect his anthems had on himself and the public at the time that many of them were first heard; and used to say, that " no other vocal Music was listened to with pleasure, for near thirty years after Purcell's death; when they gave way only to the favourite opera songs of Handel.
Page 455 - There Handel strikes the strings, the melting strain Transports the soul, and thrills through every vein ; There oft I enter, (but with cleaner shoes,) For Burlington's belov'd by every Muse.
Page 276 - Roxalana from the part she performed ; and I think it was the last, she being taken to be the Earl of Oxford's Miss (us at this time they began to call lewd women) . It was in recitative music.
Page 327 - ... no other vocal Music was listened to with pleasure, for near thirty years after Purcell's death; when they gave way only to the favourite opera songs of Handel." The unlimited powers of this musician's genius embraced every species of composition that was then known, with equal felicity. In writing for the church, whether he adhered to the elaborate and...
Page 284 - There is nothing better than what I intended, but the musick, which has since arrived to a greater perfection in England than ever formerly ; especially passing through the artful hands of Mr. Purcell, who has composed it with so great a genius, that he has nothing to fear but an ignorant, ill-judging audience.

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