A Dissertation on the Inoculated Small-pox: Or, an Attempt Towards an Investigation of the Real Causes which Render the Small-pox by Inoculation, So Much More Mild and Safe, Than the Same Disease when Produced by the Ordinary Means of Infection. By John Mudge, ...

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E. Allen; and sold by T. Davies, 1777 - 152 pages
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Page 21 - ... on any part of the body; but " about the eighth, in some the ninth, and " in others the tenth, day, the inflammation " began to disappear; and about the twelfth " or thirteenth, the pustules on their arms
Page 100 - Mom enters the pores of the (kin and .poifons by way of abforption ; for the degrees of activity in which this power is -exerted, are moft .probably in proportion to the aids the conftitution may tend in need of from k.
Page 21 - ... each of them, yet not one had any eruptive fever, or a fingle fubfequent eruption, on any part of...
Page 8 - feem tl " feem to me to be the chief. Firft, " the venom is communicated to a " young, healthy, and, for the age, " ftrong body. In the next place, " the violence of the fever which fol" lows, is prevented, if there be oc" cafion, by bleeding and gentle purg
Page 113 - ... for the purpofes of life, at leaft are labouring and lagging behind in the procefs, fo that they have not kept pace with the apparent ftate of the difeafe on the furface of the body : this fome have fuppofed to be the true general caufe of the fecondary fever, under which the patient, if he finks, dies peripneumonic. Thefe...
Page 20 - The other ten were inoculated with matter of another kind, which I procured, in a concected ftate, from a puftule of the natural fmall-pox.
Page v - ... who have. POPULAR information was indeed one great motive to this inquiry ; for though the credit of inoculation is now pretty generally...
Page 125 - ... when compared to the natural fmall-pox, which has ever accompanied inoculation, and is one of the grand advantages of the difcovery. Farther, as it is very reafonable to fuppofe, that this...
Page 9 - alfo been of opinion, that the dif• . •' " charge '* charge out of the wound made to " introduce the purulent matter, and " likewife from the fmall pimples " which break out round it, may " contribute fomething to the fafety " of the patient. But the fmall quan" tity which runs out this way, can
Page 106 - When either the lungs or the ftomach are firft infected by the infectious effluvia, it is moft reafonable to believe, that thefe noble parts, together with the fauces, glottis, wind-pipe, and gullet, Will frequently labour under a greater load of puftules than the external furface of the body : -for it is obferved, that when the patient is infefted artificially, the parts.

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