John of Gaunt: His Life and Character

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Colmer Press, 1874 - 69 pages

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Page 62 - Geffe juvat, nocumenta parantes, Cum quibus ad damnum Wille coire vovet. Grigge rapit, dum Dawe strepit, comes est quibus Hobbe, Lorkin et in medio non minor esse putat.
Page 47 - Newton for the health of his soul and the souls of his father and mother, and all his ancestors and successors.
Page 64 - ... courts, more especially while secular men are sufficient to do such offices." In another passage there is a bitter and manifest allusion to Wykeham : — " Benefices, instead of being bestowed on poor clerks, are heaped on a kitchen clerk, or one wise in building castles, or in worldly business.
Page 64 - Rome is not hed of alle Cherchis. That Petir had no more auctorite thanne the othir Aposteles ; ne the Pope no more power than anothir prest. And that temporal lordes may take awey the godes fro the Cherch, whan the persones trespasin. And that no reules mad be Augustin, Benet, and Fraunceys, adde no more perfeccion over the Gospel than doth lym-whiting onto a wal. And that bischoppis schuld have no prisones ; and many othir thingis. Upon these materes the CAPGRAVES CHRONICLE OF ENGLAND.
Page 46 - ... of God, was smet with a horibil paralsie thorw oute his body. And this veniauns fell upon him on Seynt Thomas day ° in Cristmasse ; but he deyed not til Seynt Silvestir...
Page 66 - Deth was ther dewe dett, qui captum quisque ferebat.] Owre kyng hadde no rest, alii latuere caverna, To ride he was ful prest, recolendo gesta paterna; Jak Straw down he kest Smythfeld virtute superna. Lord, as thou may best, regem défende, guberna.^ Vulpes cum cauda caneat.
Page 48 - ... of the age is the quaint symbolism of the ceremonial prescribed by the testator for his exequies — the ten tapers standing for the ten commandments which he has broken, seven for the seven works of charity which he has neglected, and the seven deadly sins which lie upon his conscience, five again in honour of the five principal wounds of Christ, and the five senses which, like an unprofitable servant, he has spent to no purpose, and finally the three tapers in honour of the Blessed Trinity...
Page 67 - the orgon of the devel, the enmy of the Cherch, the confusion of men, the ydol of heresie, the meroure of ypocrisie, the norischer of scisme".
Page 67 - Spam. onto him because of his wif Constauns, whech was elder dowtir and eyir to the King of Spayn, Petir. And, because that the Spaynardis were scismatikes, the Pope Urban graunted every man in that viage plener remission of synne that wold go with the duke, or gyve ony good to his viage. As he went toward Spayn, he took the castel of Brest, in Bretayne, .and delyveryd it fro the malice of Frenschmen, whech had layd there a sege. Fro thens he sayled into the port of Groyne. Of this viage we wil sey...
Page 66 - London, and at his death (circi 1250), his son being deemed an alien, it escheated to the crown, and Henry III. conferred it on his son Edmund Crouchback (so named from wearing a cross or crouch on his back, in token of a pilgrimage), through whom it became a possession of the earls of Lancaster.

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