Memoirs and Correspondence (official and Familiar) of Sir Robert Murray Keith, K.B., Envoy Extraordinary Ad Minister Plenipotentiary at the Courts of Dresden, Copenhagen, and Vienna, from 1769-1792: With a Memoir of Queen Carolina Matilda of Denmark, and an Account of the Revolution There in 1772, Volume 1

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H. Colburn, 1849 - Europe
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Page 497 - This work has already reached a third edition. We shall be surprised if it do not go through many. It possesses almost every qualification of a good book — grace, variety, and vigour of style — a concentrated power of description, which has all the effect of elaborate...
Page 497 - ... vigour of style — a concentrated power of description, which has all the effect of elaborate painting — information carefully collected and judiciously communicated — sound and enlarged views of important questions — a hearty and generous love of country — and the whole pervaded by a refined but sometimes caustic humour, which imparts a constant attraction to its pages. We can cordially recommend it to our readers, as well for the amusement of its lighter portions, the vivid brilliancy...
Page 493 - AND CORRESPONDENCE OF SIR ROBERT MURRAY KEITH, KB, Minister Plenipotentiary at the Courts of Dresden, Copenhagen, and Vienna, from 1769 to 1793; with Biographical Memoirs of QUEEN CAROLINE MATILDA, SISTER OF GEORGE III.
Page 410 - That to appropriate acquisitions so made, to the private emolument of persons intrusted with any civil, or military power of the State, is illegal. 3. That very great sums of money, and other valuable property, have been acquired in Bengal, from Princes, and others of that country, by persons intrusted with the military and civil power of the State; which sums of money and valuable property have been appropriated to the private use of such persons.
Page 171 - I came to town to see the Danish King. He is as diminutive as if he came out of a kernel in the Fairy Tales. He is not ill made, nor weakly made, though so small ; and though his face is pale and delicate, it is not at all ugly, yet has a strong cast of the late King, and enough of the late Prince of Wales to put one upon one's guard not to be prejudiced in his favour. Still he has more royalty than folly in his air ; and, considering he is not twenty, is as well as one expects any king in a puppet-show...
Page 489 - We must pronounce Miss Strickland beyond all comparison the most entertaining historian in the English language. She is certainly a woman of powerful and active mind, as well as of scrupulous justice and honesty of purpose.
Page 500 - THE HALL AND THE HAMLET. By WILLIAM HOWITT. Author of " The Book of the Seasons," " Rural Life in England," &c., Cheaper Edition, 2 vols., post 8vo. 12s. bound. "This work is full of delightful sketches and sweet and enchanting pictures of rural life, and we have no doubt will be read not only at the homestead of the farmer, but at the mansion of the squire, or the castle of the lord, with gratification and delight.
Page 489 - ... singular merit of Miss Strickland that her research has enabled her to throw new light on many doubtful passages, to bring forth fresh facts, and to render every portion of our annals which she has described an interesting and valuable study. She has given a most valuable contribution to the history of England, and we have no hesitation in affirming that no one can be said to possess an accurate knowledge of the history of the country who has not studied...
Page 171 - Carlton-house, and at night at lady Hertford's assembly. He only takes the title of altesse, an absurd mezzotermine, but acts king exceedingly ; struts in the circle like a cock-sparrow, and does the honours of himself very civilly.
Page 413 - English money of 234.OOO/.,3 and that in so doing the said Robert Lord Clive abused the powers with which he was intrusted, to the evil example of the servants of the public.

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