The gentleman's stable directory: or, Modern system of farriery ... To which is now added, a supplement, containing practical observations upon thorn wounds, punctured tendons, and ligamentary lameness; with ample instructions for their treatment and cure; illustrated by a recital of cases ... With a successful method of treating the canine species, in that destructive disease called the distemper

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Printed for G.G. and J. Robinson, and G. Kearsley, 1796 - Medical - 504 pages
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Page 210 - Thefe balls, fays our author, are powerfully landular e corexcre dial and reiterative ; they promote gl tion, warm and ftimulate the ftomach to the expulfion of wind, enliven the circulation, and invigorate the whole frame, as has been...
Page 42 - It rs cooling, eafy, and quick in its operation"; and greatly preferable in all inflammatory cafes to any other purge, as it paffes into the blood, and operates alfo by urine.
Page 287 - caufe of this diforder, we hope the method " he has propofed, with fome farther experi*' ments and improvements, will foon bring to " a certainty of cure (in moft cafes at leaft) a *' diftemper fo dangerous to our horfes. and " that hitherto has eluded the force of art.
Page 289 - horfes fuffering no inconvenience from the " operation, though after this experiment
Page 378 - As to the gutta ferena, cataract, film, &c. thefe are cafes in which relief is very fe'ibni obtained. The gutta ferena is a partial or univerfal lofs of fight, where no palpable defect or fault appears in the eye, except that the pupil is a little more enlarged or contracted. The appearances of this blemifh are various, Difcjfaoi as well as the caufes and effects, fome of its fubjb th E>'' being totally blind, and others barely enabled to diilin- ' ~~ guiih between light and darknefs.
Page 129 - With this view, there muft be a conftant fupply of warm mafhes, prepared with half malt and half bran, or equal parts of oats and bran, with four ounces of honey diflblved in each ; let thefe be given night and morning, with a feed of dry corn every day at noon. During this treatment (which muft be continued a week, to...
Page 136 - ORSERVATIONS upon the dangerous and almoft obfolete practice of others, or rather the moft cruel experiments and infernal perfecutions that were ever invented, or could be fuppofed to enter into the mind of man, for the prevention or cure of difeafe. In the laft article treated on we produced a tolerable fyftem -of cruelty ; but in the FARCY (as a more perplexing difeafe and greater excitement to judgment or madnefs) we have FIRE UPON FIRE, or effectual cauterization treble refined. As they advanced...
Page 297 - DECEPTION, this is the incontrovertible explanation, whether proceeding from an ulceration of the lungs, or the inveterate glandular difcharges from the head (where the cafe is of long-ftanding, and the bone carious) they are equally incurable.
Page 77 - ... from the beft authorities, but for the defire of remarking a very fingular pofition of the author. On the opinion of Ofmer, that tendons are inelaftic bodies, Mr. Taplin fagely obferves, " How this writer or his readers could reconcile fuch palpable abfurdity and contradiction, I am at a lofs to conceive ; or how a tendon can be elongated, that has no elafticity, I am yet to learn.
Page 93 - ... who fuffer the parts below the fetlock to remain in a wet and dirty condition in fevere weather. In every twenty- four hours, but more particularly at each time of the horfe's returning from the road or exercife, let the cracks or fcratches be...

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