Cassell's household guide, Volume 4

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Page 204 - ... to the respective owners or occupiers of the premises fronting adjoining or abutting...
Page 205 - Board shall cause the sewers vested in them to be constructed, covered, and kept so as not to be a nuisance or injurious to health...
Page 156 - Mons, mentions, among other scientific facts, that "he had gilt in a complete manner two large silver medals, by bringing them, by means of a steel wire, into communication with the negative pole of a voltaic pile, and keeping them one after the other immersed in ammoniuret of gold newly made and well saturated.
Page 221 - ... an hundred bolts through fifty staples, two in each, with a direct contrary motion, and as many more from both sides and ends, and at the self-same time shall fasten it to the place, beyond a man's natural strength to take it away : and in one and the same turn, both locketh and openeth it.
Page 70 - ... for the absolute term of twenty-one years, or some longer term or for any term of years determinable on any life or lives ; or who, being a householder, shall be rated...
Page 213 - The Gruyere and Parmesan cheeses only differ in the nature of the milk, and in the degree of heat given to the curd in different parts of the process. Gruyere cheese is entirely made from new milk, and Parmesan from skimmed milk. In the first nothing is added to give flavour: in the latter saffron gives both colour and flavour ; the process in both is exactly similar.
Page 213 - Dutch cheeses are made in a very similar manner to the Gloucester cheeses, but the milk is generally curdled by means of muriatic acid or spirits of salt : and great care is taken to prevent fermentation, and to extract the whole of the whey. For this purpose the curd is repeatedly broken and pressed ; and before it is made up into the round shape in which it is usually sold, the broken curd is well soaked in a strong solution of common salt in water. This diffuses the salt throughout the whole mass,...
Page 213 - The flavour of the cheese is perhaps impaired by the stoppage of the fermentation ; but it never heaves, and it acquires the valuable quality of keeping well even in warm climates. From the place where this cheese is commonly made, it is known by the name of Edam cheese. A finer cheese is made at Gouda and other places, by imitating the process in making Gruyere cheese; but this cheese is always full of small cavities, and will not keep so long as the Edam. The cheese most commonly met with in Holland...
Page 204 - Any urban authority may contract with any person for the supply of gas or other means of lighting the streets, markets and public buildings in their district, and may provide such lamps, lamp-posts, and other materials and apparatus as they may think necessary for lighting the same.
Page 214 - ... to keep off the dirt. This removes the objection existing in small families against purchasing a whole cheese at a time. The common practice of buying small quantities of cheese should be avoided, as not only a higher price is paid for any given quality but there is little likelihood of obtaining exactly the same flavor twice running.

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