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T. Piper, 1883 - Photography
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Page 133 - Blessed be the inventor of photography ! I set him above even the inventor of chloroform ! It has given more positive pleasure to poor suffering humanity than anything that has ' cast ^ up ' in my time or is like to— this art by which even the ' poor ' can possess themselves of tolerable likenesses of their absent dear ones.
Page 134 - He must have sent my three along with your nine to the wholesale man in Soho Square, without leave asked. But it proves the interest or curiosity you excite ; for being neither a ' distinguished authoress,' nor
Page 32 - ... minutes, after which it should be placed in weak hypo (1 : 10) until the soluble chloride is dissolved. Ammonium sulpho-cyanate alone will be found to fix a plate or paper print made with silver citro-chloride emulsion, but hypo is cheaper and quicker. Should the plates or paper be inclined to frill, place them in saturated chrome alum solution after toning; this in no way affects the colour or purity of the whites. Washing is the same as other gelatine plates and silver prints.
Page 121 - In my intercourse with Daguerre I specially conversed with him in regard to the practicability of taking portraits of living persons. He expressed himself somewhat skeptical as to its practicability, only in consequence of the time necessary for the person to remain immovable. The time for taking an outdoor view was from fifteen to twenty minutes, and this he considered too long a time for any one to remain sufficiently still for a successful result.
Page 112 - It is sometimes useful to test the water for sodium hyposulphite after the last washing, in order to ascertain if its extraction is complete. Make the following test solution : — Potassium permanganate ... ... 2 grains Potassium carbonate 20 ,, Water 1 quart The addition of a few drops of this rose-coloured solution to a pint of water will yield a slightly pink tinge. If there be any trace of sodium hyposulphite present, the colour will be of a greenish hue. If the permanganate be not at hand,...
Page 192 - To Clean Negatives Stained by Silver. Take a plug of cotton-wool and wet it well with a weak solution of cyanide of potassium ; rub gently all over the negative, using a little more force on the stained parts. Wash well. Dry on blotting-paper. If necessary to revarnish, flood the plate once or twice with methylated spirit. Let dry, and then varnish in the ordinary way. To Rcinorc Yellow Stains Caused by Developer.

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