The history and antiquities of the parish of Lambeth, and the archiepiscopal palace, in the county of Surrey, including biographical sketches (Google eBook)

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J. Nichols, 1827 - Lambeth (London, England) - 458 pages
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Page 425 - City and country. This afternoon my wife and Mercer and Deb, went with Felling to see the gypsies at Lambeth, and have their fortunes told ; but what they did, I did not enquire.
Page 173 - These villeins, belonging principally to lords of manors, were either villeins regardant, that is, annexed to the manor or land ; or else they were in gross, or at large, that is, annexed to the person of the lord, and transferable by deed from one owner to another.
Page 360 - ... the side-table in the dining-room was supplied with a large fountain, and the glasses stood under little streams of water. His coach had a moveable kitchen, with clockwork machinery, with which he could make soup, broil steaks, or roast a joint of meat.
Page 351 - ... at three casts. Then they set to the prince's mother, the duke, the earls, and other lords, to every one a ring of gold, which they did also win. After which they were feasted, and the music sounded, the prince and lords danced on the one part with the mummers, which did also dance ; which jollity being ended, they were again made to drink, and then departed in order as they came.
Page 272 - There are 5 acres of meadow. In the time of King Edward it was worth 10 pounds; afterwards, the like; now, 7 pounds 10 shillings.
Page 288 - Width of the bridge within the balustrades ... 42 Width of pavement, or footway, on each side ... 7 Width of road for horses and carriages • . . 28 Span of each arch...
Page 438 - Now we come to his death, which happened as follows : the Sunday night before he died, his wife and he being at supper in their garden-house, she being pleasant, told him, that she had been informed he could resolve, whether man or wife should die first ; ' Whether shall I ' (quoth she) ' bury you or no?' * Oh Trunco,' for so he called her, 'thou wilt bury me, but thou wilt much repent it.
Page 173 - They could not leave their lord without his permission ; but if they ran away, or were purloined from him, might be claimed and recovered by action, like beasts or other chattels.
Page 142 - Art and Nature through, As by their choice collections may appear Of what is rare in Land, in Sea, in Air, Whilst they (as Homer's Iliad in a nut) A world of Wonders in one closet shut. These famous Antiquarians that had been Both gardeners to the Rose and Lily Queen, Transplanted now themselves sleep here ; and when Angels shall with their trumpets waken men, And fire shall purge the world, these hence shall rise, And change this garden for a Paradise.
Page 288 - The whole of the outside courses of the bridge is Cornish granite, except the balustrades, which are of Aberdeen granite . and the...

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