The Westinghouse Automatic Brake

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1882 - Westinghouse air-brake - 82 pages
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Page 64 - ... air pressure may sometimes reduce slowly, owing to the steam pressure getting low, or from the stopping of the pump, or from a leakage in some of the pipes when one or more cars are detached for switching purposes, and that in consequence it has been found absolutely necessary to provide each brake cylinder with what is called a leakage groove, which permits a slight pressure to escape without moving the piston, thus preventing the application of the brakes when the pressure is slowly reduced,...
Page 65 - ... causes the brakes to come off. On long down grades it is important to be able to control the speed of the train and at the same time to maintain a good working pressure. This is easily accomplished...
Page 65 - This is easily accomplished by running the pump at a good speed, so that the main reservoir will accumulate a high pressure while the brakes are on. When, after using the brake some time, the pressure has been reduced to sixty pounds, the train pipes and reservoirs should be recharged as much as possible before the speed has increased to the maximum allowed. A greater time for recharging is obtained by considerably reducing the speed of the train just before recharging, and by taking advantage of...
Page 12 - Therefore, the parties hereto, each, in consideration of the agreements of the other herein contained, do hereby covenant and agree to and with each other as follows: SECTION 1.
Page 64 - In no case should the reduction in the brake-pipe for closing the leakagegrooves be less than four or five pounds, which will move all pistons out so that the brake-shoes will be only slightly bearing against the wheels. After this first reduction the pressure can be reduced to suit the circumstances. On a long train, if the three-way cock be opened suddenly, and then quickly closed, the pressure in the brake-pipe, as indicated by the gauge, will be suddenly and considerably reduced on the engine,...
Page 13 - Secretary, and its corporate seal to be hereunto affixed, and the said party of the second part has hereunto set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.
Page 61 - ... 7 inches. Great care must be exercised, when taking up the slack in the brake connections, to have the levers and pistons pushed back in their proper places and the slack taken up by the under connections, or dead levers.

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