Principles of General and Comparative Physiology

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Churchill, 1838 - Physiology - 80 pages
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Page 60 - I have counted above 10,000,000), so subtile (they are scarcely visible to the naked eye, and often resemble thin smoke), so light (raised, perhaps, by evaporation into the atmosphere), and are dispersed in so many ways (by the attraction of the sun, by insects, wind, elasticity, adhesion, &c.), that it is difficult to conceive a place from which they can be excluded.
Page 157 - He states that the cases of disease on the dark side of an extensive barrack at St. Petersburg have been uniformly for many years in the proportion of three to one to those on the side exposed to strong light.
Page 420 - ... inches. It was found that the Greyhounds could not support the fatigues of a long chase in this attenuated atmosphere ; and before they could come up with their prey, they lay down gasping for breath ; but these same animals have produced whelps, which have grown up, and...
Page 178 - There is a certain antagonism between the nutritive and reproductive functions, the one being exercised at the expense of the other. The reproductive apparatus derives the materials of its operations through the nutritive system, and is entirely dependent upon it for the continuance of its functions.
Page 9 - BOOK OF EMERGENCIES : in which are concisely pointed out the Immediate Remedies to be adopted in the First Moments of Danger from Poisoning, Drowning, Apoplexy, Burns, and other Accidents; with the Tests for the Principal Poisons, and other useful Information.
Page 8 - A MANUAL OF BRITISH BOTANY; with a Series of Analytical Tables for the Assistance of the Student in the Examination of the Plants indigenous to, or commonly cultivated in, Great Britain. Small 8vo. cloth, 7s. 6d. "There is a prodigious mass of elementary matter and useful information in this pocket volume."— Medico-Chirurgical Review.
Page 4 - FIRST LINES OF THE PRACTICE OF SURGERY: designed as an introduction for' students, and a concise book of reference for Practitioners. By Samuel Cooper, MD With Notes by Alexander H.
Page 195 - — " If into a tube, closed at one end with a piece of bladder or other membrane, be put a solution of gum or sugar, and the closed end be immersed in water, a passage of fluid will take place from the exterior to the interior of the tube, through the membranous septum ; so that the quantity of the combined solution will be greatly increased, its strength being proportionably diminished. At the same time, there will be a counter-current in the opposite direction ; a portion of the gummy or saccharine...
Page 139 - raised in the garden of the Horticultural Society from seeds taken from the stomach of a man, whose skeleton was found thirty feet below the surface of the earth, at the bottom of a barrow which was opened near Dorchester. He had been buried with some coins of the Emperor Hadrian ; and it is therefore probable that the seeds were sixteen or seventeen hundred years old...
Page xiii - But a judicious and careful system of observation will almost supply the place of experiment ; for the ever- varying forms of organised beings by which we are surrounded, and the constantly-changing conditions in which they exist, present us with such numerous and different combinations of causes and effects, that it must be the fault of our mode of study if we do not arrive at some tolerably definite conclusions as to their mutual relations. In the language of Cuvier, the different forms of animals...

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