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This book is FILLED with witchcraft. DO NOT recommend for kids, this book gave my child nightmares. It gave ME nightmares. My daughters 5th Grade Reading Class is reading this book and it gave her so many nightmares.
It's beyond me why ANY teacher would let their class read this. It's horrifying and absolutely filled with witchcraft.
My child now uses the word "Oxymoron" then abbreviated it to "Moron"
The number 7 is absolutely surrounding this book, which is very mature for a child.
I'm not happy with this book. First I got it for my son, he's a nice college student, I thought it would be a nice gift for a 20 year old. He's a sweet nice young man whom loves to read. He told me about it and I was DISGUSTED. We're a nice Christian family, we would NEVER mention witchcraft.
A week ago my daughter came home all excited, I did not understand why. I asked her and she told me about this book they are reading called "PUNISHED" Even from the beginning I had a bad feeling. (She's a nice reader, she reads books about horses and Christianity. NEVER expected her to read a book with witchcraft)
She told me and I was almost in tears, my poor sweet innocent angel like daughter was reading about withcraft.

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