A History of the Warfare of Science with Theology in Christendom, Volume 1

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D. Appleton and Company, 1897 - Religion and science - 889 pages
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Page 100 - E se' or sotto l'emisperio giunto, Ch' è opposite a quel che la gran secca Coverchia, e sotto il cui colmo consunto Fu l'uom che nacque e visse senza pecca." For orthodox geography in the Middle Ages, see Wright's Essays on
Page 92 - ceiling, under which the Almighty hangs out the sun to rule the day and the moon and stars to rule the night. This ceiling is also the floor of the apartment above, and in this is
Page 396 - find it used against every great investigator -of nature in those times and for ages after. The list of great men in those centuries charged with magic, as given by Naudé, is ] astounding ; it includes every man of real mark, and in the midst of them stands one of the most thoughtful popes,
Page 326 - savagery and barbarism, is developing men and women on whom the declarations of the nobler Psalms, of Isaiah, of Micah, the Sermon on the Mount, the first great commandment, and the second, which is like unto it, St. Paul's praise of charity and St. James's definition of
Page 359 - Bishop Binsfeld, of Trêves, in his noted treatise on the credibility of the confessions of witches, gave an entire chapter to the effect of bells in calming atmospheric disturbances. Basing his general doctrine upon the first chapter of Job and the second chapter of Ephesians, he insisted on the reality of diabolic agency in storms
Page 57 - own works condemned by university after university under the direction of theologians, and placed upon the Roman Index. Although he gave new and striking arguments to prove the existence of God, and humbled himself before the Jesuits, he was condemned by Catholics and Protestants alike. Since Roger Bacon, perhaps, no great thinker had been so
Page 210 - years when few or none appeared. In 1737 there were two comets, and the weather was cool; in 1785 there was no comet, and the weather was hot ; through the whole fifty years it was shown that comets were sometimes followed by hot weather, sometimes by cool, and that no rule
Page 238 - characterization of various schemes of " reconciliation,'' see Shields, The Final , p. 340. ond article had been commissioned from a source that was believed safely conservative ; but when the article came in it was found to be worse than the first. A third article was then commissioned, and care was taken to secure its
Page 129 - This treatise is cited under a mistaken title by the Catholic World, September, 1870. The correct title is as given above ; it will be found in the Corpus Reformatorum, vol. xiii ( ed. Bretschneider, Halle, 1846), pp. 216, 217. See also Mädler, vol. i, p. 176 ; also Lange, Geschichte des Materialismus, vol. i, p. 217 ; also
Page 270 - an Emperor of the East sent to the Emperor of the West a " heaven axe " ; and in the twelfth century a Bishop of Rennes asserted the value of thunder-stones as a divinelyappointed means of securing success in battle, safety on the sea, security against thunder, and immunity from unpleasant dreams. Even as late as

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