The Beaux of the Regency, Volume 1

Front Cover
Hutchinson & Company, 1908 - Dandies

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Page 52 - Loosen'd from the minor's tether, Free to mortgage or to sell, Wild as wind, and light as feather, Bid the sons of thrift farewell. " Call the Betseys, Kates, and Jennies, All the names that banish care ; Lavish of your grandsire's guineas, Show the spirit of an heir. "All that prey on vice and folly Joy to see their quarry fly : There the gamester, light and jolly, There the lender, grave and sly.
Page 72 - To whip a top, to knuckle down at taw, To swing upon a gate, to ride a straw, To play at push-pin with dull brother peers, To belch out catches in a porter's ears, To reign the monarch of a midnight cell, To be the gaping chairman's oracle; Whilst, in most blessed union, rogue and whore Clap hands, huzza, and hiccup out, 'Encore;' Whilst gray Authority, who slumbers there In robes of watchman's fur, gives up his chair; With midnight howl to bay the...
Page 44 - British not interfered : you then, one and all, united against us as your common enemy ; but, one of these days, the Northern and Southern powers will fight as vigorously against each other, as they both have united to do against the British.
Page 231 - The truth is, that, though I gave up the business early, I had a tinge of dandyism * in my minority, and probably retained enough of it to conciliate the great ones at five-and- twenty. I had gamed, and drank, and taken my degrees in most dissipations, and having no pedantry, and not being overbearing, we ran quietly together.
Page 199 - Why, that's where Sacharissa sigh'd When Waller read his ditty ; Where Byron lived, and Gibbon died, And Alvanley was witty. A famous street ! To yonder Park Young Churchill stole in class-time ; Come, gaze on fifty men of mark, And then recall the past time. The...
Page 145 - Or should it stubbornly persist, ' To take some awkward tasteless twist, ' Some crease indelible, and look ' Just like a dunce's dog's-eared book, 'How would you parry the disgrace? ' In what assembly show your face ? ' How brook your rival's scornful glance, ' Or partner's titter in the dance ? ' How in the morning dare to meet ' The quizzers of the park or street ? ' Your occupation's gone, — in vain ' Hope to dine out, or flirt again. ' The LADIES from their lists will put you, ' And even /,...
Page 98 - I have heard tho', that love in a cottage is sweet, When two hearts in one link of soft sympathy meet : That's to come — for as yet I, alas ! am a swain Who require, I own it, more links to my chain.
Page 52 - All that prey on vice or folly Joy to see their quarry fly: There the gamester light and jolly, There the lender grave and sly. Wealth, my lad, was made to wander, Let it wander as it will; Call the jockey, call the pander, Bid them come, and take their fill.
Page 60 - Fobert has the forming of the fair. More than one steed must Delia's empire feel, Who sits triumphant o'er the flying wheel ; And as she guides it thro...
Page 144 - And unregretted) have you toiled Till a week's laundry has been spoiled, Ere round your neck, in every fold Exact, the muslin has been rolled, And, dexterously in front confined...

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