Behaviorspeak: glossary of terms in applied behavior analysis (ABA)

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Dove and Orca, 2003 - Psychology - 141 pages
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A dictionary of terms used in Applied Behavior Analysis and qutism.

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acronym activity Albert Bandura ANTECEDENT Applied Behavior Analysis appropriate Asperger syndrome AUGMENTATIVE COMMUNICATION autism Autistic disorder autistic-spectrum disorders aversive B. F. Skinner BACKWARD CHAINING BASELINE behavior management strategy BEHAVIOR MODIFICATION behavior occurs Board Certified Behavior Caldwell College Certified Behavior Analyst child children with autism CLASSICAL CONDITIONING paradigm CLOCKWORK ORANGE color CONDITIONED REINFORCER consequence CONTINGENCY Contrast CONTROL coping skill daily living skills decrease demonstrated DESIGN developmental disabilities DIFFERENTIAL REINFORCEMENT DISCRETE TRIAL TEACHING DISCRIMINATIVE STIMULUS echolalia effective EMITTED engaging EQUIVALENCE CLASS ESCAPE behavior example EXEMPLAR experiment experimental EXTINCTION BURST FORWARD CHAINING FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS future probability given behavior inappropriate behavior INDEPENDENT VARIABLE individual INDIVIDUALIZED EDUCATION PROGRAM instruction INTER-RATER RELIABILITY INTERMITTENT INTERNAL VALIDITY interval INTERVAL SCHEDULE interventionist JOINT ATTENTION language latency learning least restrictive environment MANDS Meichenbaum MENTAL RETARDATION might Moody's MUPPETS NEGATIVE REINFORCEMENT NEUTRAL STIMULUS nicotine noncontingently number of responses observed occupational therapist often OPERANT CONDITIONING paired parents particular behavior particular stimulus Pavlovian PDD-NOS perform person pervasive developmental disorders phobic placebo Poker chips Positive Behavioral Support POSITIVE PUNISHER POSITIVE REINFORCEMENT PRECISION TEACHING PRIMARY REINFORCER procedure wherein PROMPT Psychology PUNISHMENT Queens College RADICAL BEHAVIORISM refers to behavior refrigerator mother REIFICATION RESPONDENT CONDITIONING RESPONSE CLASS s)he SCHEDULE OF REINFORCEMENT SECONDARY REINFORCER selective mutism SELF-INJURIOUS BEHAVIOR SIGN LANGUAGE SINGLE-SUBJECT skills Skinner SKINNER BOXES slot machine social specific speech therapy step STIMULUS CLASS STIMULUS CONTROL student SYSTEMATIC DESENSITIZATION target behavior target response TASK ANALYSIS TAUTOLOGY teaching programs term refers term that refers TOILET TRAINING TOKEN ECONOMY treatment plan typically developing UNCONDITIONAL POSITIVE REGARD UNCONDITIONED RESPONSE UNCONDITIONED STIMULUS VARIABLE VARIABLE INTERVAL verbal VERBAL BEHAVIOR VICARIOUS REINFORCEMENT video game VINELAND

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