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A Classic Deming Book - although I personally feel people have misinterpreted his teachings and turned them into dogma - I still stand by all that Dr. Deming ever wanted to say in this book . His last book - The New Economics - is even more mind bending and actually outlines his philosophy in detail .
There is not a single day that has passed me by without me not having opened the book and learnt something new from it's contents .
I hope some day everyone wakes up to the work of this genius .
Balaji S. Reddie
The Deming Forum (India)

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Dr. Deming published this book in 1986. In the spring of 1988, I attended his four day seminar in Arlington, Virginia. "Out of the Crisis" was provided to every seminar attendee. The evening of the first day I opened "Out of the Crisis" to become familiar with it. it was immediately apparent that the book was the documented record of his seminar. For the next three days, I took notes by reading along in the book and taking supplemental notes based on what Dr. Deming said in the hotel ballroom. This book is the fleshed out and supplemented content of his famous four-day seminar. You may not benefit from his platform teaching style and unique personality by reading this book, but you will find all of the content of his course here. I highly recommend the book. 

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BEST BOOK I HAVE EVER SEEN. He is father & grand father and great great grand father of qlty control

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