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Library of Congress, Copyright Office., 1916 - American literature
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Page 980 - THE NATIONAL DISPENSATORY: Containing the Natural History, Chemistry, Pharmacy, Actions and Uses of Medicines...
Page 942 - s chancery pleading and practice; a practical treatise on the forms of chancery suits, pleading and practice now in use in the state of Illinois, and wherever the same system prevails...
Page 1131 - Scandinavian immigrants in New York, 1630^.1674; with appendices on Scandinavians in Mexico and South America, 1532-1640, Scandinavians in Canada, 1619-1620, Some Scandinavians in New York in the eighteenth century, German immigrants in New York, 16301674.
Page 1231 - Mosquito Control in Panama The Eradication of Malaria and Yellow Fever in Cuba and Panama.
Page 797 - Mach, Edmund Robert Otto von, editor. Official diplomatic documents relating to the outbreak of the European war, with photographic reproductions of official editions of the documents (blue, white, yellow, etc., books) published by the governments of Austria-Hungary, Belgium. France, Germany, Great Britain. Russia and Serbia.
Page 10 - THE DOCTRINE OF SACRED SCRIPTURE: A Critical, Historical, and Dogmatic Inquiry into the Origin and Nature of the Old and New Testaments.
Page 786 - The reprint here given is not from the original ms., which is hopelessly lost, but from a pamphlet print of 1825," with title: The private journals kept by Rev. John Buckingham of the expedition against Canada, in the years 1710 & 1711. From the original manuscripts. New York: Wilder & Campbell. 1825. CONTENTS. — Introduction. A diary of the naval expedition against Port Royal, in the year 1710.
Page 1090 - Granny's Wonderful Chair; And its Tales of Fairy Times. By FRANCES BROWNE. Illustrations by KENNY MEADOWS.
Page 1111 - Galvanizing and tinning; a practical treatise on the coating of metal with zinc and tin by the hot dipping, electro galvanizing, sherardizing and metal spraying processes, with information on design, installation and equipment of plants.
Page 884 - Contents: Man proposes; The young man in Peacock Alley; A game of tag; Mr. Brinkley to the rescue; The faraway road; Her man Friday; Philip's "furnis man'"; A readjustment; The girl who loved Herbert; To meet Miss Pomeroy; Billy Bates, preferred; Thirty-three cents, plus; An interlude; Mr.

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