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Page 171 - OBSERVATIONS MADE AT THE MAGNETICAL AND METEOROLOGICAL OBSERVATORY AT BATAVIA. Published by order of the Government of Netherlands India, under the direction of Dr.
Page 146 - Spring . . . March. April. May. Summer . . . June. July. August. Autumn . . . September. October. November. Winter . . . December. January, February.
Page 103 - ... (by the bye, some were sold at 10s. and 15s. each) ; and eventually I ascertained that one of the pupils of an analytical chemist had availed himself of his tutor's absence to fill a capsule with materials calculated to burn vigorously, and explode in heavy rain, and, during the height of the storm, had thrown the burning mass into the gutter, so making an artificial thunderbolt. It is no wonder that the neighbourhood were taken in by a trick so well-arranged.
Page 174 - Lastly, I come to the rain — and here the points of contact with everyday life and with Sanitary matters are so numerous that it is hard to know where to begin and harder still to know when to stop. Fortunately for us all, I need say very little to-day on the relation between rainfall and national water supply, because I stated fully my views upon that subject in my address upon Water Economy at your anniversary meeting ; and it is for others either to refute my statements or to carry out the course...
Page 124 - August 24, in the 52nd year of his age. General Myer became identified with the Signal Service when he was only 30 years old, and since then his name has become synonymous with that of this important service, and he has been familiarly known as " Old Probabilities." His services were equally valuable in peace or in war. In 1854 he entered the army as an assistant-surgeon. He was assigned to special duty in the Signal Service in 1858, and remained on that duty till 1860, when he was made chief signal...
Page 38 - Cowls cause a more rapid current of air than prevails in an open pipe under similar conditions but without any cowl fitted on it. The only use of the Cowls, therefore, appears to be to exclude rain from the ventilating pipes, and as this can be done equally if not more efficiently in other and...
Page 84 - The meteorological elements with which ozone is most intimately associated are such as occasion high vapour tension and a high degree of saturation ; therefore it is promoted by wind passing over a large aqueous expanse, and by heat producing rapid evaporation. Hence heat, if humid, is no bar to atmospheric ozonisation, but no definite relation exists in the atmosphere between heat, per se, and ozone ; its relation to humidity is more definite and direct, but subject to many exceptions; in consequence...
Page 26 - The effect of the cold upon the health of the community was very great. In London the number of deaths referred to diseases of the respiratory organs increased to 799 in the week ending December 20th, and exceeded the week's average by 288.
Page 56 - V, or three times the correction of the former supposition. The mean value of the radical (a) is given by an elliptic function ; but even in an extreme case among the experiments, when the ratio of the velocity of the wind to that of the anemometer is as great as 3 to 5, the error of the approximate expression V + W2/4<V amounts only to about 0-01 mile an hour, which may be quite disregarded.
Page 147 - Temperature of Percolation. — The temperature of percolation has not been observed. Changes of temperature in the soil must act upon the contained moisture in the same way as they do in the air above, thereby tending to cause evaporation or to produce percolation. In an abstract of more than 100,000 observations upon the temperature of the soil made in the Gardens of the Royal Botanic Society, London, 1871-1876, Mr. GJ...

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