Magazin für die Liebhaber der Entomologie, Volume 1

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bey dem Herausgeber, und bey Heinrich Steiner und Comp, 1782 - Entomology
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Page 249 - THE NATURAL HISTORY OF CORNWALL. The Air, Climate, Waters, Rivers, Lakes, Sea, and Tides ; of the Stones, Semi-Metals, Metals, Tin, and the manner of Mining; the Constitution of the Stannaries ; Iron, Copper, Silver, Lead, and Gold, found in Cornwall. Vegetables, rare Birds, Fishes, Shells, Reptiles, and Quadrupeds; of the Inhabitants, their Manners, Customs, Plays or Interludes, Exercises, and Festivals; the Cornish Language, Trade, Tenures, and Arts.
Page 250 - Synopfis of the Natural Hiftory of Great Britain and Ireland. Containing a fyftematic Arrangement and. concife Defcription of all the Animals, Vegetables, and Foffils, which have hitherto been difcovered in thefe Kingdoms.
Page 186 - Quadrupedes, including amphibious Animals, Frogs and Lizards, with their Properties and Ufes in Medicine. 2. The Hiftory of Birds, with the Method of bringing up thofe of the Tinging Kind.
Page 251 - Naturalis / in quo / Regionis natura, Incolarum Ingenia & Mores, Morbi iisque medendi Methodus, & / Medicina Indigena accurate explicantur...
Page 255 - Wherein are exhibited upwards of two hundred and forty figures of Exotic Insects, according to their different Genera; very few of which have hitherto been figured by any author, being engraved and coloured from Nature, with the greatest accuracy, and under the author's own...
Page 260 - Infectes de Surinam , dans laquelle on traite des vers & des chenilles de Surinam , des plantes , fleurs & fruits dont ils vivent...
Page 184 - Système naturel du règne animal, par classes, familles ou ordres, genres et espèces avec une notice de tous les animaux; les noms Grecs, Latins, & vulgaires, que les naturalistes leur ont donnés; les citations des auteurs qui en ont écris . . . suivant la méthode de M.
Page 263 - An Account of the Nature of Climates in general, and their different Effects upon the human Body ; with a Detail of the Diseases arising from this Source, particularly within the Tropics. In Three Dissertations.
Page 258 - A Catalogue of the Animals of North America . . . To which are added, Short Directions for Collecting, Preserving, and Transporting, all Kinds of Natural History Curiosities.
Page 229 - La nature confiderée fous fes différents afpeds , ou lettres fur les animaux, les Végétaux & les minéraux, contenant des obfervations intereflantes fur l'hiftoire naturelle";, les mœurs, & le caractère des animaux, fur la minéralogie & la Botanique &c.

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