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After a brief semi-hiatus (Higher Authority, 1994), in which his lawyer wife was featured, improbable sleuthing headshrink Alan Gregory returns. Not that the premise isn't admirably serpentine and sexually kinky: Gregory's pal Peter Arvin, a master carpenter, is found murdered, lashed to a piano on the stage of an old Boulder, Colorado, theater, stabbed 16 times. The cops have found semen stains ... Read full review

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I had read White's "Privileged Information" before I read "Harm's Way". The former was an incredibly well written suspenseful mystery. The latter is a more predictable, less suspenseful, and frankly less well written mystery. The main character is the same - Alan, the psychologist who serves as an occasional consultant to the local police department - is asked to do a psych profile on the unknown killer of his friend and neighbor. As the book continues, several other murders take place, and the $64,000 question is who the murderer is. The cast of characters is small enough that it isn't hard to narrow down the list. The climax is in the last dozen pages when the murderer is revealed. This book had a more difficult time keeping my attention than his other books - I would recommend White's others over this one. 

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