The 66th Berkshire Regiment

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J.J. Beecroft, 1887 - 159 pages

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Page 55 - ... by the incessant vigour of the attack to the farthest edge of the hill. In vain did the French reserves...
Page 55 - Such a gallant line, issuing from the midst of the smoke and rapidly separating itself from the confused and broken multitude, startled the enemy's masses, which were increasing and pressing onwards as to an assured victory; they wavered, hesitated, and then vomiting forth a storm of fire, hastily endeavoured to enlarge their front, while a fearful discharge of grape from all their artillery whistled through the British ranks. Myers was...
Page 129 - These eleven charged out of the garden and died with their faces to the foe, fighting to the death. Such was the nature of their charge and the grandeur of their bearing that, although the whole of the ghazis were assembled around them, not one dared approach to cut them down.
Page 55 - In vain did Soult with voice and gesture animate his Frenchmen, in vain did the hardiest veterans break from the crowded columns and sacrifice their lives to gain time for the mass to open out on such a fair field ; in vain did the mass itself bear up, and, fiercely striving, fire indiscriminately upon friends and foes, while the horsemen hovering on the flank threatened to charge the advancing line.
Page 81 - Dragoons (Lancers) being permitted to bear on its Colours and Appointments, in addition to any other Badges or Devices which may have heretofore been granted to the Regiment, the Word
Page 45 - French owed their commanders nothing; but 30,000 of their infantry vainly strove for three hours on the 28th to force 16,000 British soldiers, who were for the most part so recently drafted from the Militia, that many of them still bore the distinctions of that force on their accoutrements.
Page 151 - ... distinguished conduct). Served in the Turkish Contingent at Kertch from January 1856 to the end of the war (Medal with two...
Page 151 - ... regiment, in 1796; and in the following year was promoted to a lieutenancy in the same corps. He was employed in regimental duty until May 1798, when he was appointed aide-de-camp to General Don, with whom he continued in the Isle of Wight until June 1799, when he joined his relation and guardian, Lieutenant-General Sir James Pulteney, and served as aide-de-camp to that officer during the campaign in North Holland. He was present in the actions of the 27th of August, 10th and 18th of September,...
Page 147 - Majesty very nearly for 26 years ; for the last 24 of which I have been employed in every part of the world (the East Indies excepted) where His Majesty's troops have been stationed and with very little intermission. I have been four times to the...
Page 130 - Captains Ernest Stephen Garratt and Francis James Cullen were both killed on the field in front of the nullah, up to the last moment commanding their companies and giving orders with as much coolness as if on an ordinary regimental parade.

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