The Revolution in Virginia

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Page 163 - I will tell you plainly that a certain set of aristocrats, for we have such monsters here, finding that their execrable system cannot be reared on such foundations, have to this time kept us at bay on the first line, which declares all men to be born equally free and independent.
Page 223 - A few days will bring to me that relief which the constitution has prepared for those oppressed with the labours of my office and a long declared resolution of relinquishing it to abler hands has prepared my way for retirement to a private station...
Page 216 - Substance not Circumstance is to be regarded while we have so many Foes in our bowels and environing us on every Side. He is a bad citizen who can entertain a doubt whether the Law will justify him in saving his Country or who will scruple to risk himself in support of the spirit of a Law where unavoidable Accidents have prevented a literal compliance with it.
Page 46 - ... that it is the most ardent wish of this colony (and they were persuaded, of the whole continent of North America) to see a speedy return of those halcyon days when we lived a free and happy people.
Page 224 - From a belief that, under the pressure of the invasion under which we were then laboring, the public would have more confidence in a Military chief, and that the Military commander, being invested with the Civil power also, both might be wielded with more energy, promptitude and effect for the defence of the state, I resigned the administration at the end of my second year, and General Nelson was appointed to succeed me.
Page 224 - The very thought alone was treason against the people ; was treason against mankind in general ; as rivetting forever the chains which bow down their necks, by giving to their oppressors a proof, which they would have trumpeted through the universe, of the imbecility of republican government, in times of pressing danger, to shield them from harm.
Page 222 - The delay and deficiencies of the first are beyond all expectation and if the calls on the latter do not produce sufficient reinforcements to you I shall candidly acknowledge that it is not in my power to do anything more than to represent to the General Assembly that unless they can provide more effectually for the execution of the laws it will be vain to call on militia.
Page 162 - Our Convention is now employed in the great work of forming a constitution. My most esteemed republican form has many and powerful enemies.
Page 196 - In a virtuous and free State no rewards can be so pleasing to sensible minds, as those which include the approbation of our fellow-citizens.

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